Worst Ever Makeup Products

Worst Ever Makeup Products

We have gathered all the information from reviews after doing extended research and we have makeup a list of makeup products with bad reviews. You will see reviews on a bad makeup product like mascara that clumps, which is hard to remove and you will look like a raccoon at the end of the day, lament about gluey, gooey, syrupy, irritating lip glosses, bad reviews on a powder that doesn’t help with enough coverage, doesn’t last too long.

It is a sad situation when you are excited to try out a makeup product, lipstick, or eyeliner and you purchase it try it in your car and they turn out to be the worst ever makeup products. It doesn’t matter if it was expensive or a cheap makeup product, it is a flop anyway. Once you have spent an amount on a makeup product even if its $1.99 only, money was still wasted. It is very annoying because you bought the worst makeup product. This article will help in identifying worst makeup product to avoid.

This list contains the worst makeup product to avoid. We don’t want you to waste any of your paycheck money without knowing their quality and reviews. We just want you to buy the cheap and good makeup product but for that, you will have to check out the worst ever makeup products mention below.

Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Mascara By Maybelline New York

This product scored an average reader rating of 5.9. According to the review: The buyer hates this mascara. Its brush was too thin, it smelled really bad. It didn’t show any positive results except clumps. According to another review: This mascara didn’t work for short and straight eyelashes. After applying this mascara the curl from Shu Uemura eyelash curler disappeared. Another review says: This is the worst makeup product, nothing like in the commercial. The mascara started to wear off about halfway through the regular day and leaves raccoon circles under the eyes. Wasn’t the effect they were expecting. It cost around $6.94.

Loose Makeup By Milani

It scored an average rating of 5.6. One of the reviewer call this product a bad makeup product. The coverage is terrible, patchy, and uneven. The included brush is irritating and low quality. My face became itchy because of it during the summer season. Another review: Reapplying is no fun at all. It is not a talc-free foundation, not compatible with oily skins, you have to apply it after every hour since it wears off very easily. Looked darker in the package but wasn’t that dark when applied on the face. According to another review: Brush feels like thorns, horribly rough too. The quality is terrible, not worth it. It comes at $7.99.

Trublend Microminerals Foundation By CoverGirl

The average rating of this product is 5.6. The review says: Didn’t suit the face, was very excited to test it, and applied a bit in my car. It was packed and opened after a struggle. Tested a puff of the powder, it all just disappeared in the air. Powder sparkled in the sunshine and vanished. She never observed any powder foundation shine like that. Now, she was not even in the mood to test it and returned the worst makeup product just after the purchase. Other reviewers who used it say it’s not a very good product, a waste of money. Some were satisfied with the coverage but it sparkles. She switched her foundation after realizing it clogged the pores. This one of the makeup products with bad reviews and costs around  $10.99.

Sugar Sugar Lip Topping By Revlon

The total average rating of this product is 5.5. This product may look cool like other makeup products by Revlon, but it doesn’t pan out very well. Reviewer says: The name is itself misleading because the topping doesn’t taste or have any sugar. It is tasteless. It may suit models in a fashion shown but doesn’t feel like the mentioned texture to me. Not going to buy this ever again and this the worst makeup product to avoid. add a few dollars more but something worth. It stays very long, after a few seconds of applying it’s poof. This product typically costs around $10.46.

Line Smoothing Airbrush Primer By Sally Hansen

It scores an averaging rating of 5.4. According to a review: This is one of the worst makeup products with bad reviews and it is beyond disgusting. Once applying to difficult to blend. Leave a velvety skin surface like a usual a primer. Skin looks visibly oily in certain places. After applying the makeup as usual it wore off through the day like there was no primer applied at all. This product stings those who have a sensitive skin type and it smells weird. Doesn’t moisturize the skin at all. You will not feel any noticeable difference in skin look. The cost of this bad makeup product is $7.99.

Healthy Skin Glow Sheers By Neutrogena

The average rating of this worst makeup product to avoid is 5.3. According to reviews: People who bought this product are very disappointing after seeing their results. It does leave a warm and dewy foundation but very hardly noticeable coverage. I think this is a bad makeup product and not worth it. It is suggested for people with dry skin conditions because it leaves a greasy finish on normal skin types. Another review says: She was so excited to buy and use this product. Everyone is looking for a product that gives a fresh and dewy look. What a disappointment it didn’t show any positive results. She ended up wasting her money and her skin looked greasy, not dewy. One woman says: Neutrogena, I am disappointed and frustrated with this product thanks for letting me down. This worst makeup product is no match for fair complexions. You cannot even pass it on to someone. It looks like weird fake orange color, no matter what you try it won’t be going to blend on your skin. You will end up like a splotchy mess.

Bottom Line

There is more to the list of worst-ever makeup products and which is the worst makeup product to avoid. We hope we have provided enough information. Please leave a comment below.

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