Versace VS Gucci – brand showdown

Versace Vs Gucci

Out of most expensive clothing, brands in the world of fashion industry Gucci and Versace are in the top 10 categories. The expensive and high-end outfits not only add glamour to the personality but also satisfaction.

These two expensive fashion brands are associated with prestige, fashion sense, power, wealth, and last but not the least status. A very small percentage of the population afford to buy such brands but still, these brands are making millions of dollars due to their price tag and status.

Gucci has more Facebook likes while Versace has more Facebook shares.

Both are Italian brands. Let us see the brief background history of Versace and Gucci. As there is a competition between industries including brands like Pepsi vs Coke, KFC vs McDonald’s, etc., in the same way, there is a competition between clothing brands, and one of the major showdowns is between Gucci and Versace. In this article, we will be looking at the world’s two most popular powerhouses, fashion brands Gucci and Versace.

A brief history of Versace:

Italy is famous for its fashion luxury fashion sense and Versace is an also Italian brand. Gianni Versace founded this brand back in 1978 to produce fashion goods. This brand has a very unique logo, which has caused many speculations.

There are many popular celebrities such as Jenifer Lopez, Madonna, Tina Turner, Elton john have been seeing wearing there Versace pieces. Gucci has more than 500 stores worldwide.

The most interesting point of this brand includes the fact that Gianni Versace was one of the very first to realize the importance of movie stars in the fashion industry. It’s been more than 40 years and still, Versace is one of the most expensive brands in the fashion industry.

Throughout the years, Versace teamed up with a plenty of acclaimed organizations, and this expanded its prevalence significantly more. For instance, they teamed up with the Italian carmaker Lamborghini. They made the Lamborghini Versace supercar, which includes an inside structured by Versace.

A brief history of Gucci:

Guccio Gucci who was the founder of the Gucci brand opened his first Gucci store in 1921 in Florence and from this single brand he builds an empire in the fashion industry that has become the top-selling brand of Italy. Guccio first started his business in the clothing line and then expanded into other goods like handbags, traveling bags, perfumes, shoes, and many more.

For the classic lovers, Gucci offers silhouettes that display a logo print which is gorgeous and. The expensive products of Gucci justify the price by providing comfortable and fashionable products. Many Hollywood stars can also be seen flaunting their Gucci pieces in front of the media.

Gucci has almost 30 million followers on social media, Instagram. The brand became more popular after the hiring of Michele as a creative director. He redesigned the brand according to the new generation required and hired fresh celebrity faces to reach a young audience. The fun fact of this brand is the logo has double G which stands for Guccio Gucci.

Brand popularity between Gucci and Versace:

If we talk about the brand popularity of Versace vs Gucci then the best way to know about this is to see that how much impact/influence their products have made in public and how many limelight forms celebrities it has brought to light.

The celebrity feuds between Gucci and Versace in very interesting to know because if we talk about female celebrities Fendi was the one who took the lead of Gucci from Rihanna.

In the line of Iconic clothing, Gucci does not have any special iconic dress but still, they can make many commercial designs for the magazines and fashion shows.

Versace has designed for many popular celebrities like Elton John and Michael Jackson and this brought the name “Rock n Roll designer” for Versace.

In 1992 for their famous client Elton john, Versace designed the stage costume and album cover costumes. Moreover, it does not end here a black dress designed for Elizabeth Hurley became very famous. Back in 2000, Jennifer Lopez wore the Green Versace dress, which became an iconic dress and was listed in the fifth most iconic dress of that time.

Gucci vs Versace: Business Position

In Versace vs Gucci luxury fashion feud, Versace has always been classier than Gucci. It has intensified its high scale commercial marketing and that is why their brand demand is from High brown fashionable industry, iconic celebrities, and Royalty.

While Gucci has more reach to the teenage and millennial population and its intensive marketing, strategy helped this brand to be voted as the second hottest brand in the luxury fashion industry.

Gucci sales are more than Versace and net worth of Gucci in 2020 is valued at approximately 17.63 billion U.S dollars according to Statista.com. Versace has a net worth of approximately 1.6 to 2.12 billion U.S dollars.

Data facts and figures of Versace vs Gucci showdown:

According to different social media stats, Versace was voted 31% more than Gucci on twitter. While Facebook, Instagram, and many other blog forms voted for Gucci making it a more popular brand.

Both Versace and Gucci are popular worldwide but New York is the fashion hub for Gucci in both the fashion industry and home to the 2nd highest number of ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

While Versace is mainly popular in California, Florida, and Texas net sentiment by Luxury Fashion Brand analyzes that Versace sentiment is 5.3% more positive than Gucci.

By investigating more deeply it was found that consumers were unhappy with Gucci’s customer service and quality of their jewelry.

The Endnote to Versace vs Gucci

Deciding the winner in Versace vs Gucci feud is tough, because both brands have their pros and cons in different ways. Gucci is more popular on social media, news sites platforms, and in New York, while Versace covers more Royalty, Elite class, and High-end business areas.

Namely, Gucci’s branding strategy, social visibility, and net sentiments are expanding rapidly by Reach Growth, in fact, it is ranked as the third in terms of Reach Growth just behind by Prada and Tory Burch.

Concerning inclinations and a general vibe about the brand, both Versace and Gucci have a comparable score. Online studies show that Versace was marginally more refreshing than Gucci, however not by much. About negative remarks, Gucci got marginally more analysis in correlation with Versace.

However, to keep in mind that Gucci is more famous in teenage and millennial consumers. It is a more commercial brand and has more marketing towards young people, which is a very large and competitive market. This shows that Gucci‘s future is brighter than Versace.

On the other hand, Versace is more classy and royal.


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