Top ten places where one can go to but never return

With technological advancement and global expansion, one would think that no stone is left unturned when it comes to exploration. On the contrary, numerous places remain a mystery to date.

In this article, we will look at the ten most forbidden places, from heavily guarded structures, to isolated societies and natural sites that are a no-go zone for the general public. When it comes to those who have the spirit of adventure, here are some of the world’s most forbidden destinations that you would probably regret visiting when given a chance.

1.North Sentinel Island, India

One of the most secluded and hostile places you can ever visit is the North Sentinel Island in India. The island is located in the Bengal bay in Andaman and has local Indian natives as inhabitants who have continuously rejected the outside world. It is a known fact that the Sentinelese people in the island refuse to associate or even communicate with ordinary Indians for reasons best known to them.

On numerous occasions, the Sentinelese have resorted to violence with outsiders, all in the name of protecting their culture. The natives have lived in the island for over 60,000 years and have the full backing from the Indian government. Visitors of any kind, be it, tourists, anthropologists, journalists, etc. are prohibited not only by the hostile Sentinelese but also by the Indian government.

2.Poveglia, Italy

The Poveglia is a small Island located between lido and Venice in the northern part of Italy. For centuries this small island has been used for dumping of dead bodies. The Poveglia island has also acted as a quarantine zone during the bubonic plague in the 1700s. Poveglia served as an asylum in the 20th century, where inhumane experiments involving patients were carried out.

 When one talks about souls that have suffered through torture or cruelty, then the Poveglia island comes to mind. The island is rumored to have ghosts of poor dead souls. Currently, the island is abandoned and is restricted to both locals and also tourists. Visiting the most haunted place in Italy involves a very lengthy process with a lot of paperwork.

3. Japans, Ise Grand Shrine

Japan is an island nation estimated to have over 80,000 shrines. The Ise Grand shrine is one of the many islands that stands out the most, as it has temples that are worth a fortune and also happens to be among the most expensive in japan thanks to its intricate architecture.

The Ise grand shrine is usually off-limits to outsiders and also locals unless you belong to the Japanese imperial family. The shrine is the crown jewel of the Japanese culture and is traditionally rebuilt after every 20 years, to renew and symbolize the Shinto culture.

4. Mezhgorye in Russia

There’s an entire town in Russia that excludes from the public eye, better known as Mezhgorye. The city resides on the Ural Mountains in the Bashkortostan republic capital 120 miles from Ufa. The town was founded in 1979 and is said to involve nuclear development. Rumor has it that the city has sites containing automatic missiles that are remotely activatable.

If you intend to visit Mezhgorye, I suggest you think twice, as the city is usually heavily guarded by two battalions that prevent outsiders from stepping foot. On the contrary, the Kremlin insists that the city has a vault that contains the nation’s treasures. The town is said to be used as an emergency bunker for Russian government officials and also acts as a mining site. The world may never know what in the town, however, one’s thing for sure, it’s out of bounds!

5. Ukraine’s Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone

Disaster struck thirty years ago in Ukraine’s Chernobyl’s exclusion zone involving a nuclear reactor that led to the emission of radioactive clouds. As a result of this dire situation, immediate evacuations began; nonetheless, the reactor’s radiation had already caused damage.

The area that covers an 18-mile radius is now declared an exclusion zone, leaving behind a ghost town. To date, the city is considered off-limits, and those who plan on visiting need permission. Its, however, not recommendable as the radiation levels are fatal.

6. Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean

There’s a highly guarded U.S military base in Diego Garcia island located in the Indian Ocean, that’s entirely off bounds to the general public. According to reliable sources, the area is usually top secret with about 4000 U.S military personnel. The place has over 600 buildings in the island, and some people believe that there’s also a military prison; however, one’s thing for sure, the area is used as a launching place for military planes going to Iraq or Afghanistan. 

7. Tomb of Qin Shi Huang in China

One of the most fundamental discoveries in china among the Terra – cotta warriors at Xi’an is the tomb of Qin shi Huang in China. There are over thousands of unique ancient Chinese warrior statues and also china’s first emperor.

Despite the tomb qualifying to be in China’s top ten tourist destinations, it’s inaccessible. The monument is said to have a high concentration of mercury and also lethal booby traps. 

8. Woomera Test Range in Australia

There’s a 47,200 square mile range in Australia that’s used for testing missiles and even bombs. The Woomera test range in Australia is restricted to the general public because the entire area is fatal, and you wouldn’t stand a chance when you visit the place.

9. Heard Island in Australia

The Heard is one of the most isolated islands in the world. It technically is part of Australia; however, its located between Antarctica and Madagascar. The island has two active volcanoes, although covered in ice. Heard Island is a no go zone for the general public, and the only inhabitants include penguins, seals, and a variety of birds.

10. Fort Knox in the United States

The Kentucky military base, famously known as Fort Knox, is one of the most guarded places in America. The station was once opened to the media in 1974 and has never been in the public domain ever since. If you intend to go to Fort Knox, you’ll have to overcome the impossible, including electric fences, barbed wires and armed guards, and cameras. Lastly, the area also has army units who regularly patrol the area using helicopters.


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