Seven Cheap and Budget-friendly Travel Destinations

Money, in most cases, can prove a hindrance to any potential traveller. Fortunately for those bitten by the travel bug, there are several locations you can visit, which are budget-friendly. Remarkably, some of these destinations are considered to be some of the most beautiful places in the world. 

Despite this, these destinations are quite affordable, especially if you are familiar with a few tricks and tips that experienced travelers have picked up over the years. They advise potential tourists to think outside the box and look for a destination with a possible economic crisis, for example. Here are a few affordable places you can visit.


This is one of the most popular destinations in the world. Thailand is a country that is favoured by backpackers with a keen interest in exploring the regions of South East Asia. Experienced tourists can get by on $25 to $30 a day, owing to the plethora of affordable guesthouses scattered all across the country. 

Because they are competing with each, tourists are the primary beneficiaries as they get discounted prices. Local food and transportation are also relatively affordable for everyone. 

You can experience mouth-watering Thai delicacies for as little as $2 because of the generally low cost of living. Those looking for a posher and glamourous island experience only have to pay as little as $50 per day for a decent accommodation. The most expensive part of any potential traveller’s trip to Thailand would be your airplane ticket.


Over the years, the Pacific Islands have picked up a reputation for being expensive. Most people who visit them typically stay in costly and high-end hotels, spending a significant amount of money on services and meals. Surprisingly, Fiji offers the exact opposite, a great experience at a budget. 

Several affordable hotels and resorts have sprung up near beautiful beaches. Travelers can now enjoy world-class scenic diving and experience remarkable cuisines in the process.

Because the country also serves as a stopover for Fiji Airlines, tourists can get good deals on ticket prices. This has resulted in the emergence of a growing bag packer community in the country, particularly in the islands of Yasawa.


There aren’t enough adjectives to describe the country. Some people will tell you that it is incredible, beautiful, and friendly, while others might tell you that it is chaotic and unforgiving. One thing they can all agree on is that India is one of the cheapest destinations you can visit in the world. It is the best place for people on a limited budget to travel, as it also boasts several exciting and exhilarating places you can visit.

Backpackers have the advantage of spending as little as $3 a day at hostels and other housing facilities. Tourists also have the option of paying less than $2 for an all you can eat Thali buffet meal. Transportation is equally as affordable as everything in the country. For example, a 2,000 km train ride can cost as little as $11. Most budget travelers estimate that you can survive on as low as $30 a day, provided you are not living it up in lavish hotels and resorts. Other than the budget-friendly nature, India offers destinations rich in culture, history, regional diversity, and spicy foods (think long and hard before trying out the last one though!)


Southeast Asia is home to several budget-friendly destinations all around. At the top of the list is Cambodia, which is easily one of the most exotic and beautiful places in the world. It is a hotbed for tourists, and in particular, backpackers who can rent out air-conditioned rooms for as little as $20 a day. 

This is the same figure you are required to pay for transportation across the entire state! It means that you can visit popular tourist spots like the Angkor Archaeological Park. Here, you’ll get to see the world-famous temple city. Cambodia is also a destination that suits people who like trying out street foods for as little as $2. This makes it the most cost-effective South East Asian country you can visit. 


If you are craving for a little bit of Europe, then Portugal is a country that should be on your list. It is not the only budget-friendly, but also has a plethora of beautiful beaches, historic towns, and eye-catching cliffs, which bring in climbing and nature enthusiasts alike. Portugal is additionally a haven for wine lovers. 

Experienced backpackers say that if you avoid the capital, which is understandably expensive, you are likely to find a host of several affordable places. These range from the cobbled paths scattered across Porto to the enchanting islands of Azores. 


This is a country that several travelers have taken to revisiting time and time. At its heart, Mexico offers its visitors a variety of locations that are rich in culture. The locals’ friendly nature and generally low cost of living make it an ideal place for people looking to spend a little less on their holiday. 

Most backpackers are shocked by how little food costs in the country. You can get a sumptuous taco for only 30 cents, and this is just scratching the surface. Fans of cocktails can additionally get strong margaritas at only a $1 each. 

No wonder so many young backpackers flock to the country! Transportation is equally affordable, as you can get cheap buses and airplane tickets. 

Central America

This is another favored tourist destination for travel enthusiasts and backpackers. Most people like to visit places like Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. Backpackers tend to spend as little as $15 a day in most hostels and budget-friendly resorts. 

If you are a fan of Central American cuisine, you’ll be delighted to learn that you only need to spend as little as $3 on meals. Travel experts estimate that you’d only need about $40 a day to get by in most countries in Central America.


These are just a few of the countries favored by backpackers who are on a budget. The world is littered with other places you can get without putting a strain on your bank account. Some of the areas we haven’t mentioned include South Korea, Eastern Europe, Indonesia, and Cuba.


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