New YouTube Policy In 2020

Do you have a channel on Youtube and want to know about the YouTube changes? Then we will provide you all the information we have. YouTube has been making severe changes since their introduction to digital media. Almost every person uses YouTube assistance in their daily life such as for tutorials, blogs, entertainment, and other stuff according to their interest. Update on New YouTube rules might be the information you need. We know, YouTube keeps evolving and more accounts are being created every day. People are using this platform to make an earning. Some are only here because of fame. We will discuss about some currently happening updates and how they will affect your channel in the future.

Let us go through some updates from YouTube.

COPPA Change From YouTube

Aside from your location, Youtube now requires about the videos you are making for your channel whether they are for kids or not. These YouTube changes are being made according to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) who made an agreement. If you fail to upload your content properly, you may have to face different legal consequences from YouTube or under COPPA and other laws.If your content is specifically for children then ensure your channel is set to the YouTube policy in 2020 as shown in the given link:

Updates from YouTube On Live CTR data

Most of the people are not aware of YouTube changes especially this YouTube feature, it provides you the click-through rate data of almost three hours once you have published a video on your channel. Do you want to know why is it important? First, it allows you to adjust or edit the thumbnail and title which depends on how trending the video is. If Live CTR day is low that means the video is not that much trending, so the video is not clicked by traffic. To use this feature at its full potential, it is necessary to analyze your baseline of previous videos. If the new updated video is performing less than previous than take instant actions by changing thumbnail or title to get more clicks.This one of the important updates from YouTube.

Change In Community posts By YouTube

New YouTube rules include access to the Community posts by creators and using rich media to communicate with viewers. Community posts include text, images, videos, GIFs, and polls. These Community posts can assist you with more reach and more engagement with traffic. Content creators who have over 1,000 subscribers can access community posts. But if you are a fresher and wasn’t aware of youtube rules yet then the community tab will be available after 1 week of passing 1,000 subscribers. This tab will be available to other channels too.

YouTube Stories Update

You can now upload mobile-only short stories, that allow you to connect with your viewers more efficiently. The expire duration of stories is 7 days. A the bottom of the story section you can see the number of likes, views, and comments on each story post. You can access this one of the updates from YouTube via the story tab on your channel page, you can also see total number of views on all posts. You will will have access to the number of likes, comments, views on a active story.

New YouTube Policy Update On Mentioning

Youtube changes include an inbox notification to the channel creator who was mentioned by you in your video, title, or video description and their name will also redirect to their channel page. If your video is mentioned in a channel it may be shown to your fans as a recommended video. But mentioning your channel in a video will not improve any possibility of it showing in front of your fans. How to utilize these updates from YouTube? If you are editing or creating a title description of the video, type the ‘@’ symbol and type in their channel name. Remember that this is also one of the YouTube rules that require 1,000 subscribers minimum.

YouTube policy change in Memberships

If you want to make an additional earning from YouTube then channel membership is one of the best updates from YouTube for you. Your viewers will be allowed to join your channel via monthly based process. Members will have access to perks such as goods they offer, emoji, and badges. If you want to check and requirements to meet channel memberships on YouTube we have a link ready for you to walk you out:

Updates from YouTube Include YouTube studio

If you having any problem managing your channel and looking for a more specific way to handle all the video related tasks then this is one of the beneficial updates from YouTube. It is a new home named YouTube studio for YouTube creators. It includes many new features such as managing your presence, grows your channel on digital platforms, helps you to communicate with your audience and you can earn money by working in one place.  The creator studio feature may be gone soon, but as an alternative, you can use the creator studio classic by selecting it from the left side menu.

Fact About Working On YouTube

YouTube changes and updates from YouTube are often happening and we have to keep in mind that creators are not employees on YouTube. You won’t find any kind of contract committing that YouTube is covering for the creator’s resources, health care, living expenses, and no fixed salary. A creator is freelancing on YouTube. Content is being uploaded on free of cost platform or advertising cost for publication and distribution. The cost of servers and bandwidths is financed by YouTube but it includes the cost of products used in development and cost on engineers on various factors and depends on the new YouTube policy.

Bottom Line

In this article, we gave you some information on the new YouTube policy in 2020 and some of the new YouTube rules. We hope this report was helpful to you. Please do leave a comment.


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