Most dangerous places in Australia

Australia is among the cities with one of the lowest crime rates compared to a majority of states, including the US and the UK. It is also ranked the 13th safest nation globally. Despite the low crime rates experienced. There are, numerous dangerous places such as cities or even recreational areas that one needs to be careful when visiting, as we shall cover in this article. 

However, when it comes to determining the most dangerous cities in Australia, there are usually three factors that come to mind. They include police presence in a particular area or locality, the demographic, and, last but not least, the crime rate. In most cases, most dangerous cities usually have the lowest property value and are generally among the poorest in the country. Below are some of the places where great precaution is needed.


Penrith is among the most dangerous places to visit in Australia. According to reports, the city is infamous for high crime rates, burglary, auto thefts, drug offenses, and high domestic violence rates.

Penrith, located in western Sydney, is among the oldest and most dangerous towns in Australia.

Sydney City

Sydney city is the most densely populated region in Australia, and it also has the most reported crime rates in the country. It is factual to state that the city of Sydney has the highest police presence in the country. It is thereby advisable to be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary. Some of the suburbs in Sydney city include Chippendale, the rocks, and also Redfern.


Parramatta is another high crime rate part of Australia. According to NSW, the city has one of the highest reported numbers of domestic violence and assault rates in the country. Precaution is a must if a visit is unavoidable. Some of the suburbs include Granville and also Westmead.


Blacktown is another town you need to be careful when visiting. The city is in western Sydney and usually is infamous for having one of the highest auto theft rates in the new south wales region. Not only is it unsafe, but it also has one of the poorest areas in west Sydney. It’s therefore advisable to avoid dark allies or walking alone in deserted parts of town. Its suburbs include an eastern creek, Oakhurst, and mount Druitt.


Campbell town is in the southwest of Sydney CBD, and the place is known to have some of the highest drug-related cases in Australia. The area is also known to have high crime rates and even all manner of violence-related crimes. Some of the suburbs in Campbelltown include Glenfield and Glenwood hill.

Bondi Beach in Australia

When it comes to natural resources, Australia is one of the countries that is blessed with some of the best beaches with neon blue waters suitable for swimming, surfing, and all kinds of recreational activities. Nonetheless, great danger usually lurks in these waters as saltwater crocodiles typically live in both estuaries and oceans. These reptiles come offshore once in a while, particularly in Bondi beach, and can be lethal when they come into contact with humans. Therefore, it is usually advisable to swim while taking great precautions.

Great barrier reef

Despite the great barrier reef being a natural phenomenon great for scuba diving. Great care is needed when swimming in these blue waters, as box jellyfish usually lurks beneath these waters. To the naked eye, these tiny species often seem invisible or hard to detect, but they are renowned fatal stingers. Despite divers wearing full-body neoprene suits to help in wading off the jellyfish sting.

Sometimes the fish long tentacles sting usually penetrates the diver’s suit causing its venom to cause paralysis or even heart attacks that can be fatal. Therefore, divers need to be vigilant in both shallow and deep water.

Cradle mountain on Tasmania

Australia has some of the most spectacular national parks near the cradle mountains in Tasmania. The scenery there is spectacular; however, mindfulness is necessary when visiting as mountains are home to 172 different snake types, with a majority being venomous.

Some of the snakes found none other the second world’s deadliest snake, the eastern brown snake lurks. This particular snake is so lethal, and its favorite meal is mice who unfortunately cohabitate with humans in the parks. One bite of the eastern brown is sure to keep you down, with symptoms of paralysis and hemorrhaging that’s going to take you to your grave. Great precaution is required as these snakes are highly aggressive and also have the highest number of bites across Australia.

Australia’s outback 

Driving on Australia’s outback is dangerous, especially if you’re along, and you happen to experience a breakdown. There is usually a long stretch of road surrounded by a hot and dry land that’s vast, having no one around to help you when in trouble. There are usually no gas stations, food, or water points, and the closest is typically hundreds of miles away.

It is usually advisable that before you embark on this particular journey, always ensure that you have enough supplies such as fuel, water, etc. In most circumstances, there’s usually no guarantee that the cell services work. Last but not least, its recommended to always use a 4WD vehicle when driving through the outback, as the terrain has some of the most unpaved roads.

New south wales waters

If you’re a great surfer enthusiast and are considering tasting your skills on the New south wales waters, then great care is needed. Australia is the second country to have the highest recorded number of shark attacks after the US. Although human attacks are not common, with overall attacks being less than 200, great caution should be taken.

New south wales waters have a variety of sharks that include the tiger shark, great white, and the bull shark. These predator’s numbers have been on the rise thanks to human extreme fishing activities that are depleting the shark’s natural food sources hence forcing these predictors closer to the shores while in pursuit of food.


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