Method of on-page SEO and off-page SEO

SEO is search engine optimization. Everything a person does to enhance their website’s ranking into the top search engine is known as search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is made up of three things.

  • Technical SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO

On-page SEO

The process in which a person tries to maximize the structure and the content of the web page is known as on-page SEO.

The primary purpose of On pages SEO is to use more search engine language so that web crawlers can understand the meaning and the content of a webpage.

The program that is used by the search engine to collect data from the Internet is known as a web crawler

An On-page SEO consists of high-quality content writing and maximizing the heading and HTML and images. When a person is making his page On-page SEO he would make sure that his web page has a sense of trustworthiness, authority, and a high level of experience.

Now Google is much developed as compared to the past, but still, Google uses some old school tricks and techniques to rank the data such as keywords.

There are some techniques of On-page SEO through which a person get higher ranking on google:

Publish high-quality content person should keep in mind that a web page that has useful content no matter whether he is using On-page SEO or not, the web page would do good. Good content includes

  • The content that is not copied from another page
  • The content should be specific to the website even if a person has to the website then he should right different content for each website or show the link between them
  • On a web page, a person should write Text information to support the visual data such as video and images
  • Useful content
  • The thankful people want to see
  • A person should write an article in a third person and remain objective
  1. Enhance page titles

The title tag is present on each web page’s head section that provides an understanding of the information on a web page.

Each page must have a unique and individual title that helps the search engine and user understand what the information is all about. A page title should be short and includes all the right keywords in the beginning.

  1. SEO writing

SEO writing is writing that a person writes after understanding the search engine and user.

Before publishing a web page, a person should research keywords and the interest of the users. After doing research, then a person should write a web page.

  1. Images and other multimedia elements

Images very images are essential to make the page understandable and eye-catching, but it can be tricky as Google will not understand the images, and it may take long to load the page.

A person should always use original images. If a person is using images from another website, then he should link the website. Images should be in small size and always use a test to describe the visual image.

  1. URL optimization

The permanent link of the web page is known as URL of the web page

An SEO friendly URL should be short, descriptive and consist of man keyword

  1. Mobile friendly:

Now 60% of Google users use Google from their mobile, so a website should be mobile friendly; otherwise, it will not rank as much.

Off-page SEO:

The work that a person does away from their website to promote the website is OFF page SEO

If a person writes articles on another person’s website, that means he is doing Off-page SEO. Because in that way, people will know about their websites, and their website would be rank On Google.

  • Links:

Some people confuse the Off-page SEO with links. An Off-page SEO is much more than links; all the activities a person does on another website to promote his website is Off-page SEO. That does not mean that there is no value of links; they are crucial for a website because Google will not show the website if there is no link to promoting the website.

  • On-page SEO

The second technique of Off-page SEO is to do On-page SEO because that will also promote the website.

  • Importance of keywords

On off-page SEO, a person focuses more on links that do not mean keywords are not relevant.

Keywords are the primary building blocks of any website. The importance of keywords on Off-page SEO is less than On-page SEO, but they are still crucial for ranking that page.


For any website, developer backlinks are the most critical factor of Off-page SEO.

Backlinks consider as an independent vote that another website gives a person’s website so that Google will trust the website.

When Google visits the website, he would look for new information and then add these pages into a database that will show when a person type specific keywords. Google would show the page as the result of the search engine is depends on many factors such as links.

There are some other factors for Off-page SEO that is very important.

  • The number of linking domains and pages
  • Link relevancy
  • Links from the home page
  • Number of unfollowing links
  • Link anchor
  • Diversity of link types

In the past, Google does not pay much importance to the quality of the links, only focus on the number of the link, but nowadays Google arises many questions after seeing the links of the website such as

Where this link come?

Why this website owner links your website?

How new is the link?

Is the link from an authorized website?

If a person wants to rank higher on google, then the most critical task is to write good quality content. Always search for the hot topics that are trending.

Search engine optimization does not give benefits right away. A person should know consistency and patience with all the On-page SEO and Off-page SEO techniques. The effort that a person put on their page today would payback in the future.

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