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We have already heard women gossiping about how much they love using eyeliner and lipstick. I bought this today, I bought that today. They keep talking about how important is it for their eye make and attraction for lips. But most of them don’t know which is the international worst eyeliner or lipstick with the worst reviews. Everyone knows eyeliner is awesome as it adds dramas and emotions to the eyes. That’s the job of an eyeliner. No doubt, if you select a perfect one for you. It will be considered as the most important tool ever created. Once you have an eyeliner that suits you, you won’t be needing any mascara then.

We are here to make it easy for you by letting you know the eyeliner with the worst reviews and the international worst lipstick. But before we kick into that we know that mascara helps you to open eyes and improve the beauty of your eyelashes. But what will the women do with small eyes and ho-hum lashes. They should use eyeliner to add unique drama to their eyes.  Eyeliner is the jack of all trades, multi-tasker, eyeshadow substitute, and effective eye brightener.

It is important to know that we will talk about international worst eyeliner and international worst lipstick on behalf of bad reviews. We first discuss some of the lipsticks. Let us begin.

Color burst Matte Balm Elusive By Revlon

According to review: It is one of the international worst lipstick. It was a mistake of buying such a product and the color doesn’t even appear like what it should be. We can say that these Revlon crayons are misleading customers so they leave bad reviews. This one was not the best one of all. It not so balmy and moisturizing. It was not wet at all. I will not recommend this to anyone buying a lipstick for the first time. It takes a lot of work to get it right. It doesn’t stay longer or require any masking power. All the available colors stray too far from the natural color of the lips.

Color Sensational Lipstick By Maybelline

This is the lipstick with the worst reviews. According to reviews: The texture of the lipstick was very hard to apply and stay on lips. It is too glossy and soft. You can just remove it off too easily without any makeup remover and effort. Even after just a few sips of wine, it looked like you wore a bright red liner on your lips. It also gives a slight shining effect which makes it look cheap. You may find that the color is not that much orange and not rich enough to be vibrant. I won’t be going to buy any of these again. As you can see there are so many reasons for bad reviews.

Now Let’s Move On To Eyeliners.

Lava Gloss Eyeliner By Too Faced 

This average rating of this product is 6.5. According to the review: It is the international worst eyeliner. A big disappointment. All hopes were broken after trying out this product. It shows a very intense color once applied but after 5 minutes it starts smudging quickly. By another review: I always have to ensure it is not too much mugged and all over my eyes. Another reviewer says: This is the eyeliner with the worst reviews for a reason. This is my first eyeliner that smears so much. After applying for a few hours it feels like someone punched you in the eyes and the person is forced to think, there are others in the market than this one. Many of the reviewers complained about it being irritating and makes eye watery after use.  It costs around $16.50.

Physicians Formula Eye Definer Felt-Tip Eye Marker

This product has many bad reviews and rating is 6.5. By reviews: People say this is the international worst eyeliner. They have used cheap to expensive eyeliners but this one was the worst. The marker feels very irritating and rough on the eyes. It dried out too quickly. A black dot was left once it is flaked off. You cannot use this eyeliner with any of the eyeshadow, because the tip of the marker picks up the shadow when it is being applied. A color payout can be a problem, as the color watered down from eyes and the black version will not be dark enough which leaves a very light line barely visible for an eyeliner which should be ultra-black. The total cost of this eyeliner is $6.95.

Voluminous Eyeliner Mistake-Proof Marker By L’Oreal Paris

The average rating of this eyeliner with the worst reviews is 5.8. According to reviews: The name of the product was liked very much and everyone will be happier if it was true. It is sloppy and not mistake-proof as claimed by the name and package. It doesn’t matter which side of the marker you use, you cannot apply it right. It seems like you were using this eyeliner while an earthquake. It was recommended by those who like a thick line and a smoky look.

Other reviewers say: It is very hard to remove from the eyes no matter how expensive makeup remove you use. It will be better not to try any touch up with this eyeliner because it will result in wiping off the eyeliner applied before. It won’t be removed very easily until your whole look has been ruined. Now you know why it is the international worst eyeliner. The cost of this eyeliner is $7.29.

Bottom Line

Everyone wants to know which makeup products they should buy and don’t waste money on eyeliner with the worst reviews. As you can see in this article we have provided all the information based on international worst lipstick and eyeliner reviews. These days, people judge a product by bad reviews. This helps a lot to distinguish between which products are worth buying. That is why we are here. Please leave a comment below.


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