How to find the right partner while living in the USA

With divorce rates in the US on the rise, choosing someone who’s compatible is fundamental for a long term, steady relationship. Compatibility means the values or common attributes you look for or attracts you towards your better half. These traits might include; someone who’s loving, kind, has a sense of humor, or perhaps an individual who’s passionate about life, is attractive or intelligent, etc.

Finding the right partner usually looks easy in theory, however, in reality it’s a daunting task. In the long run, most cases usually tend to go contrary to our ideal expectation of that perfect companion. Despite the fact that no one is perfect, there are those primary universal traits that make any relationship worthwhile. Below are some of these vital traits that will lead you to find and also keep the love of your life.

Look for Someone Honest

Deception is often one of the most common traits that lead to conflict in relationships. Having a partner who you can trust fully is essential when you’re considering a life-long partner. It’s always ideal to choose someone who is straight forward even when the truth is hard to bear, as opposed to choosing someone who’s secretive or dishonest. Lies often lead to mistrust and also insecurities.

A partner who makes you feel confident and comfortable

It sounds cliché, but choosing someone who makes you feel confident about yourself, isn’t judgmental and accepts you for who you are is so liberating. Having a partner who makes you feel safe and comfortable helps creates a stronger bond, thereby building more trust and affection

Someone who’s Emotional Mature

Everyone tends to have flaws and even emotional baggage from past relationships, however, someone who’s emotionally mature will use past experiences for reflection and learning rather than lamenting. 

Someone who is emotionally mature is in control of their feelings, is self-assured, and above all, is quick to admit when wrong. Having someone who’s emotionally stable makes the relationship healthier as these particular partners don’t wait for someone to fix them.

A partner should be Respectful and Sensitive

One of the qualities you should look for in a partner is someone who is respectful and sensitive towards your feelings. Having an emotionally conscious person helps build that intimate bond. A person who always appreciates you, is grateful to share their life with you, will ever make you feel emotionally secure.

Get well acquainted before jumping off the bat into a serious relationship.

Most relationships often fail in the long run because couples tend to jump into it without getting to know each other well. It’s easier to get exclusive with someone you’re emotionally or physically attracted to; nonetheless, it’s usually not advisable to invest in a partner without properly getting acquainted first. Rushed emotional investment and trust often leads to heartbreaks or distress.

During the “honeymoon” phase of a relationship, our choices base on lust rather than logic or reality. Getting to know someone usually requires patience and also remaining grounded when we intend to make things more serious.

Don’t choose a partner out of fear of being alone

Most people fear Loneliness and mostly end up choosing the wrong partner, making them even more miserable in turn. In most cases, people tend to run into relationships to feel that void and usually end up with disappointments later on.

It’s often better to stay single than be with the wrong person who makes you feel even more alone. Using Loneliness as the driving force for a relationship often leads to disappointments and sometimes even heartbreaks.  

Avoid overstaying in a toxic relationship with expectations of change

 Most people often date an incompatible partner with the hope of changing them in future. However, that’s usually not the case as most often, the longer one stays while ignoring all the telltale signs, the more they lose out on meeting their ideal match.

It would help if you had a line that your partner should not cross or a deal-breaker that your lover shouldn’t reach. Once you benchmark your relationship based on these values, it becomes more evident from a perspective of toxicity, or change inevitability.

Be open-minded when it comes to preference

Many people tend to have an extensive list of traits that are cast in stone when choosing their ideal partner. However, this may be a great hindrance when it comes to finding your perfect mate. Having a checklist having fixed qualities might limit your choice in the long haul. Being open-minded in your preference sometimes needs you to go outside the box, bearing in mind compatibility. Be honest about how someone makes you feel as opposed to whether they score on your checklist.

Follow your heart, but also use your head

People often tend to put up with a lot from their partners simply because they have chemistry or are emotionally attached. There is usually that attraction or emotion that makes us tend to think we have found our soulmates regardless of the misery they bring us. It is therefore essential to be of sound judgement regardless of how you feel about your partner when they violate your rights or when things don’t look rosy.

Look for someone intimate and also Affectionate

An ideal partner is someone who is both affectionate and sexually prowess. Physical affection is vital as it helps create a bond while creating a sense of togetherness. Sexual intimacy help strengthens the love between couples, making them become one. Having a great sex life is fundamental in a relationship as it usually keeps couples feeling alive both physically and emotionally. 

Look for somebody who makes you happy

Lastly, being in a relationship with someone who makes you smile or laugh is vital for a long-lasting relationship, as they normally say laughter is the best medicine. Having a lighthearted and easy-going partner, someone who enjoys your company is critical for a union to be worthwhile.

Despite the various traits we look for in a partner, every individual has those primary ones they’re looking for in a mate. Nonetheless, the above characteristics will make your relationship stand through time, trial, and tribulations.


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