How to earn money while playing ping

Technology not only our lives easier but also change the way we spend our day. In the past, most people spend their day doing physical activity or playing in the playground. While nowadays most people spend their time on computer screens and mobile phone.

Mostly teenagers love to play virtual games, and one of the most popular games of 2019 is pub G. Although a lot of parents and mental health experts discourage excessive exposure to violence game. Teenagers are spending a reasonable amount of time playing pub G. One of the main reasons that pub G is most popular is a person can easily earn money while enjoying. That feature mostly attracts the young generation. There are various ways through which a person can easily make money by playing pub G

  1. Taking part in online tournaments

A person can play solo or in a squad in pub G and take part in online sports. These tournaments give prizes for people who stand in last. The prices of online competition are cash prizes, and there are tons of online platforms which runs these tournaments such as face it and gamers arena.

Another way of earning money while playing pub G is to play pub G in LAN parties. In these parties, a person can easily make substantial cash prizes. Many official websites on the Internet are offering 1 billion prizes on winning the pub G game. These official websites are pub G Europe League or North American League tournaments.

  • By selling the gaming account.

When a person becomes an expert in playing pub G, then their gaming account has tons of stars and values which attract a lot of new pub G players. They want to achieve that level but lacks gaming skills. So, a person can easily earn money by selling their gaming account.

Most experts sell their gaming account after one or two months of hard work and earn a handsome amount of money by that. In pub G, there are tons of items that a person makes while playing, and he can sell these items to other gaming account and earn money by that.

  • YouTube live streaming

 As we all know, earning money through YouTube is an effortless way, and everyone can make money by just having an account and unique content. Mostly new pub G players are looking for some tips and tricks through which they can become expert in pub G. A person who is expert in pub G can make YouTube account and teach another person how to be expert in playing pub G. People who love to play games, do live streaming on YouTube while playing pub G. By that they can also enjoy the game while earning money as people are watching them. When a person creates a YouTube account, in the start, they must do a lot of live streaming to get the attention of the viewers. Then after some time people would be hungry for the videos and wait a long time just to see the videos. It is an enjoyable way of earning money. When a person’s account become monetize after some time, then he can put ads on videos and easily make money more than $1000 in a month.

  • Affiliate marketing

A YouTube expert uses different gaming accessories so that users can have a great experience. There are tons of companies in markets that are looking for someone who can promote their products. So, when people become famous and professional among the public, these websites contact the person and ask them to improve their gaming accessories. Sometimes these companies pay a considerable amount of money in exchange for promoting the products. On the other hand, sometimes a person gets a share of money every time a person buys a product by using their link. When a person become affiliates with the market, they just must write the affiliate link in the Description and ask the user to buy the game accessories for this link.

  • Merchandise

Now the way we are living our lives is influenced by the Internet. The things that are very popular on the Internet, people would buy that without thinking of credibility. Just like the T-shirts that have something written on it are a massive hit for youngsters. The teenagers who love to play pub G would do anything to buy the T-shirts that have any slogans or logo of pub G. So, a person can easily make these T-shirts and sell them on Internet and earn a decent amount of money.

If a person has a YouTube account, then selling merchandise would be an effortless task as there are a lot of viewers who wants to buy these to show their love and support to a YouTuber

  • Make an account on twitch.

Twitch is a website or an online platform which allows a person to do live streaming while playing video games. In this Livestream, the viewer of Livestream would be able to make cost-free donations or paid donations to the gamer.

  • Donation free platforms:

There are tons of viewers that love to watch a live stream, but the problem is they are broke. They cannot be able to send money so to solve this problem there is a website that is known as recharge in which a person can send Cost-free donation.

 To Build a cost-free donation platform.

  • Connect the twitch account with recharge account
  • Then share the recharge link with the users of twitch and let them know that they can donate the free cost to a person.
  • Create a goal in the dashboard if there is an option of the dashboard in the twitch account.

After that, a person can easily track the amount of money by using the dashboard.

If a user wants to get paid donation, then he must have to affiliate or partner with twitch. Twitch bits are the currency that user can easily buy from amazon and send that to their favourite gamers.

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