How to drive traffic to your blog within one month

According to some people, the best way to earn money online is to make a website. It is not as simple as it looks. Creating a website, writing excellent and unique content cannot be done in just a one to two days. It consists of many hours of hard work and passion. After doing so much hard work and do not achieve anything in exchange is very sad and triggering for some people.

Nowadays, the main problem is not creating or developing unique content; the main problem is to have good traffic so that Google AdSense will approve your account. The most straightforward way to earn money through the website is by placing ads on websites. And a person only places ads on the website after Google AdSense approves the account. And Google will only improve those account that has not only good content but also a high amount of traffic too.

There is some way through which a person can gain traffic in a short period. But before that look at the different type of traffic so a person can understand what type of traffic he wants.

Organic traffic:

traffic that comes to the block without any effort is known as organic traffic

Inorganic traffic there are three types of traffic such as search traffic, referral traffic, and direct traffic.

  1. Search traffic

The traffic that comes through search results. When a user type keyword in the search bar and as a result, a person’s website pops up and user click on it is known as search traffic.

  1. Referral traffic

When a person put the link of their website on anyone else website and traffic comes by clicking that link is known as referral traffic.

  1. Direct traffic

If a person sends a link via email and user click on that link, then the traffic will be known as direct traffic

Also, if a user types an URL of the page directly on the search bar and visits the web page, then it is also considered a direct traffic

  1. Paid traffic

When a person gets traffic by advertisement, then the traffic is known as paid traffic. It comes from Facebook advertisement, Twitter, Google AdWords, and many more.

Organic traffic is the most significant source of traffic, and it is essential in a blog post, but that does not mean paid traffic does not have any importance.

Now some strategies will help a person to drive a lot of traffic toward their block in a short period such as

  1. Pillar articles

A pillar article is an article that covers everything related to that topic in one article. In the blog post, a person should focus on pillar articles as they are the best source of traffic. Pillar article should behave every information about that topic in it.

  1. Up to date

Another thing that person should keep in mind is new people would always visit the pillar articles so he should be up to date the article now and then. Updating the article means to update the information, changing the dates, and adding new information.

  1. Crosslinks

Updating and writing the article is not the only things that a person should do. He also should put the links of the pillar article into the other article so people can check these pillar articles too. Most websites focus too much on Crosslinks as it gives a lot of traffic in a short period. One owner of the website said having ten links in a new blog is enough and good.

  1. Backlinks

Backlinks are also essential to Google. Backlinks are the links of a person website that are present on another website and pointing toward a person’s website. The website which has a lot of backlinks then Google will know the user is not a scam and trustworthy. The chance that Google will rank 

article as number one in the search results is high.

  1. Promoting the new post

Most people love organic traffic as it comes naturally without any effort. Organic traffic virtually never dies as compared to paid traffic. On the other hand, when a person stops paying, then paid traffic would die. But that does not mean pay traffic does not help a blog to be successful. In start to attain the attention of Google, a person needs paid traffic so that they can boost their post-up.

In the process of ranking, Google checks the data on how new traffic comes to the new post. If after uploading an article, a lot of new traffic comes to page and read it, then the chances that Google will rank the article on number one is very high.

  1. Ranking keywords

When a person wants to write a new post first, he should see what other his articles have higher traffic. Then use the keywords from that article to build a new one. That means the keyword is desirable among users and if he used these keywords again and again then the chances of getting more traffic are high

Not only that a person should use the keyboard but also made the content which is better than the previous one. Every person knows his weaknesses and strengths, so after finding a keyword, a person should work on these weaknesses and create unique and desirable content.

  1. Desirable topic

No matter whether a person writes an excellent and high-quality content. No one will read it if it is not desirable in society. A straightforward example of this is nowadays people love to the right or know about COVID-19 such as the symptoms of COVID-19, the treatment of COVID-19, and the vaccine of COVID-19. So, if a person writes about these topics or anything related to COVID-19, the chances of getting more traffic are high.

So before developing high-quality content, first research on the topic that is currently hot.

Not only write on a popular topic but also using techniques that are very popular among people. Right now, people prefer to gain knowledge from a visual presentation as compared to reading. So, adding a picture or video in the blog post can be very helpful but keep in mind that Do not use too much

Not only write on desirable topic but also using techniques that are very popular among people. right now people prefers to gain knowledge from a visual presentation as compared to reading. So adding a picture or video in the blog post can be very helpful but keep in mind that Don’t use too much

Website team

Nowadays, people prefer to read from the website that is easier to understand. So, it went to the website that person should use navigating menu end things in such a way that it is not made website two over or too late.

Some people add a lot of new feature in a single website, and that can confuse a lot of audiences keep it kiss.

Nowadays people prefers to read from the website that is easier to understand. So in a website a person should use navigating menu and themes in such a way that it do not made the website to over.

Some people add a lot of new feature in single website and that can confuse a lot of audience keep it simple.

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