20 most expensive foods in the world

What are the particular meals the rich eat? Be it desert, a snack or a full course meal, wonder no more, as we are going to list down the top twenty most expensive foods in the world.

1.Royal Caviar

This royal caviar is among the most expensive and exceptional dishes. The meal involves harvesting the roe from a twenty-year-old sturgeon before reproduction. It involves a method that requires non-killing techniques, and the delicacy involves serving the caviar with Butter and popovers fresh out of the oven. The royal caviar price estimate is usually between $84 to $ 2,300

2. The Golden Cannoli 

This meal is worth $26,000, and its ingredients include whipped ricotta cheese, dark rich chocolate, usually sprinkled using candied lemon pieces, lemon peel, and chocolate. The cannoli is spread on golden leaf sheets and then wrapped and carefully pinned to maintain its shape. Finally, tiny chips of chocolate are sprinkled on the ends as a finishing touch. 

3. Moose Cheese 

Sweden is a breeding ground for three moose types that lactate from May to September, with each giving about 5 liters per day. After the milk is collected, it creates the four different cheese types that usually range from blue cheesy to feta. The moose cheese price is $500 per pound.

4. Matsutake Mushrooms 

 With this dish Costing about $272 per pound, the matsutake is a delicacy that is delicious and rare. The mushrooms are found in Asia and also Japan, and are said to face extinction thanks to the forest insects and even invasive trees that compete for resources against the mushroom. 

5. Saffron  

Real saffron is usually quite expensive as its price cango up to $500 per oz, thanks to the limited conditions that generally allows it to grow. As a result, most restaurants use safflowers to imitate saffron and, hence, cut on cost. 90% of all saffron comes from Iran, and it only blossoms during autumn after seven days.

6. 12-Ounce Japanese Kobe Steak

This meal is said to be on worldwide demand, with the steak costing$350.A specific beef with a special sauce is needed when making this delicious meal, and the serving is usually also done differently than the usual stake serving. The 12- ounce Japanese Kobe steak is famous in some of the most luxurious restaurants in America.

7. Kopi Luwak Coffee

When it comes to the most expensive coffee in the world, the Kopi Luwak tops the list. The coffee is harvested using civet poop, a cat-like animal after beans ingestion, digestion, and excretion. The coffee usually costs $317.50 per lb, and when harvested, its traditionally sold to the highest bidders.

8. FleurBurger 5000 

This particular burger is worth $ 5,000, and its made of patty wagyu beef that is added gourmet Butter, followed by a couple of foie gras slabs, Butter, duck fat, and lastly, white truffles. This combination is seared together to create a flavored saucy that’s then added to the wagyu beef. The meat is placed between one of the most exquisite pieces of brioche bread.

9. Quintessential Grilled Cheese 

This particular cheese is unique as it usually requires a 48-hour pre-order notice. The meal costs $214 because the cheese has a French bread that is generally soaked in Dom Perignon champagne, baked using 23 karat gold flakes. Caciocavallo Podolicis added into the mix and other ingredients, which typically lactate every two months per year.

10. Caviar and Egg on Toast

This delicious meal consists of caviar, Butter, eggs, and toasts, although with a unique personal touch. The dish usually involves an ooze of egg yolk with the right amount of salt, a toasty crunch, and caviar, which makes the entire meal come to life. This expensive meal goes along with a glass of champagne.

11. White Truffles  

White truffles are usually fungi that are similar to potatoes that have mutated and typically cost $3,600 per lb. The white truffles are typically found in France and Italy near oak trees with specially trained dogs who help sniff the fungi out. The white truffle is challenging to cultivate and control, as its growth is entirely unprecedented.

12. Fresh Tagliolini with white truffles and Butter 

This meal usually costs $275. The dish itself is light and its made from pasta and white truffles which typically cost €150 for 30 grams. The tagliolini pasta is thin, and the recipe needs to have fresh Butter to have its original flavor.

13. Louis XIII Pizza

 The Louis XIII pizza is an expensive dish as it usually costs a whopping $9,315, and it’s made from lobster, mozzarella di bufala, and also caviar all purchase and flown from different parts of the globe. Lastly, this pizza is served with champagne Krug Clos du Mesnil 1995 champagne and even with Remy martin cognac Louis XIII.

14. Real Madagascar Vanilla  

This spice is considered the most difficult to harvest because the vanilla flowers only bloom once a year and only for a few hours. The flower pods are usually soaked in alcohol for about two years to extract this distinct flavor. The cost of real Madagascar vanilla is $4,000 per pound.

15. Golden Opulence Sundae

The golden opulence sundae is worth $1,000. This dessert has vanilla ice cream mixed with Madagascar vanilla bean having a 24k golden leaf cover. Some of the ingredients include caviar, truffles, candied fruits, etc. The desert is usually pre-ordered 48 hours in advance, and it served in a baccarat crystal bowl. 

16. Tokyo Turnips

The Tokyo turnips are another expensive meal that’s quite delicious. The meals ingredients have preserved lemon, fried cauliflower with caper yogurt, macadamia nuts, puffed rice with avocado, coconut vinaigrette, among other components.

17. Summer Squash “Avocado”

This particular meal is a hybrid mixture of winter and summer squash that helps create a denser and tender squash served with an avocado spread. The squash is for those who love eating organic vegetables that are not only tasty but also suitable for your health.

 18. Black Diamond ice Cream

When it comes to the most expensive ice cream, then black diamond ice cream tops the list. Its price is a whopping $815, as this particular ice cream has gold sprinkled toppings (23 carats). The ingredients used include Madagascar vanilla, saffron from Iran, a black Italian truffle, and unique golden toppings.

19. Dry-Aged Beef

Another expensive delicacy is dry-aged beef, this meal has better quality, flavor, and tenderness when compared to the regular steak. The process top chefs use in dry-aged beef is usually worthwhile. For effective results, the meat takes about a month to age before it’s cooked hence making the meal very delicious and also quite pricey.

20. High Roller Sushi Roll

This particular meal cost about $250, and its made from lots of fusion flavors, unlike ordinary sushi. The ingredients include gold leaf, tuna, lobster tail, asparagus, caviar, wagyu beef, golden osetra, avocado, and truffle oil, making it quite costly.


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