15 ways of removing gallbladder stone

The pair shaped and hollow organ located on the right side of the abdomen just below the liver is known as gallbladder. He functional gallbladder is to store and concentrate bile. Bile an important secretion of the liver that helps in the digestion process. The gallbladder is a part of the biliary tract, and it stores bile when It is not using in Digestion. Sometimes in the gallbladder, there is the formation of stones that are known as gallstones. These stones are just thick and concentrated forms of digestive fluid that store in the gallbladder. The number of the gallbladder can be one too many, some people have one, and some have many. some symptoms indicate gallstone 

  • Sudden and intense pain in the right side of the abdomen and the centre half-abdomen just below the breast.  
  • pain between shoulder blades 
  • vomiting 

Duration of gallstone pain can last from a few minutes to some hours if a person feels high fever and chills and so intense pain that he cannot even stand up straight, these signs indicate he needs emergency treatment.

Methods of removing gall stones:

Are some remedies to remove gallstones without surgery such as glen is for gallbladder; it is a non-surgical way of removing gallstones from the gallbladder. According to doctors, this gallbladder cleanses breaks the gallstone into tiny pieces to excrete out from the body with the help of urine. There is not much scientific evidence to prove the efficiency of a gallbladder cleanses. Still, some people found it effective and useful. The gallbladder cleanses made by mixing Apple juice herbs olive oil, and the person must drink this Gallbladder flush for three to four days. This treatment is dangerous for diabetic patients as they cannot intake a large amount of food juice. 

  1. Apple cider vinegar:

According to some people, ever cider softens the gallstones so it can Pass out from the body easily. As drinking Apple cider alone can be very harmful, so mix it with Apple juice and drink it for some time. There is no scientific evidence to prove that. Moreover, it can be dangerous for blood sugar patients because of the amount of sugar present in Apple juice.

  • Dandelion tea 

Most people swear using dandelion tea to remove gallstones.

According to the National Center for complementary and integrative health, dandelion tea is very helpful in treating liver and bile duct problems but not much evidence for gallbladder. people should consider consulting their doctor before taking dandelion tea for removing a gallstone

  • Milk thistle 

Milk thistle is used for detoxifying liver and gallbladder for many years, but there are no studies that show the effect of milk thistle on gallstones .people can take milk thistle in the form of liquid or even in a capsule. People with severe allergies or cancer patients should consult with a doctor before taking milk thistle.

  • Artichoke:

The extract from artichoke cause to increase in the production of bile and increase the performance of the liver and gallbladder. People can have artichoke in various forms by cooking, but the most effective way of treating gallstones by artichoke is to use the extract from the artichoke. A person consults the doctor before taking artichoke as a treatment for gallstone.

  • Acupuncture:

By adopting acupuncture, a person can relieve pain by preventing spasm and increasing the efficiency of the gallbladder. There is some evidence that suggests acupuncture can be able to treat gallstones but not enough. This is a way to treat gallstones as it does not have any harmful effects on body .before trying acupuncture make sure to contact a licensed acupuncturist

  • MTBE injection:

This is another way of removing gallstones. In this method, the doctor uses a chemical known as methyl tertiary-butyl ether into the gallbladder that causes the gallstone to break into tiny pieces so it can ease out by urine. the side effect of using this solvent is burning pain

  • Wave shock 

Another non-surgical treatment that helps to remove gallstone is wave shock, but the patient must fulfil the criteria of shock wave lithotripsy. This is mostly used to remove the kidney stone. In this shock, waves are sent to the gallstones through soft tissues of the body so that it can break up into tiny pieces.

  • Acid pills 

It is another good way to remove gallstones without surgery. Certain chemicals such as ursodiol and chenodiol can help to dissolve gallstones, but for this method, gallstones should be very small in size.

  • Dietary modification:

Some foods help to soften the gallstone or break into tiny parts so that they pass out from the body easily. Food such as fresh vegetables whole grains leans meat low-fat dairy products help to remove gallstones.

  1. Medication to resolve gallstones 

There are some medications that a person can take from their mouth to dissolve gallstone. But this process can take along, and after stopping the medicine, there is the chance pf again having gallstones.

  1. Open surgery

It is a surgical way of removing gallstone from the gallbladder. This surgery is also known as laparotomy. in this surgery, the surgeon made an abdominal incision and reached the gallbladder and removed gallstones from there. In this surgery, the potential risk of having an incision scar or bleeding disorder is present

  1. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy:

in this procedure, surgeon Make several cuts on the body so the instruments can pass through it then with the help of this instrument remove the gallstone from gallbladders

  1. Castor oil pack:

The use of Castor oil back to remove gallstones is very old, but people found it very effective. In this method, a person should soak a cloth in Castor oil and place it around the abdomen. Some people add an extra heat source for faster and effective results. This piece of cloth should be tightened around the abdomen for more than one to two hours. There is no scientific evidence of removing gallstone in this method.

  1.  Yoga 

There are some poses in yoga that are essential and effective to remove gallstones from gallbladders such as cobra pose, bow pose, seated forward bend, and shoulder stand.

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