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Meta Description: What are the steps to perform off-page SEO? We will discuss some ways to optimize off-page SEO.

What Are The Steps To Perform Off-Page SEO?

These days on-page SEO is not enough. The website from the off-page SEO sides also needs to be optimized so the overall SEO quality of the website can be enhanced. Off-page SEO techniques include SEO optimization steps that are executed from outside of the website or content. On-page SEO focuses on the factors that are on the internal website. On the other hand, optimizing from the external factors is required by off-page SEO. The inbound links and backlinks to be shared on social media are external factors.

There are many common misunderstandings about off-page SEO is that linking is the only issue addressed by off-page SEO. It is much more extensive than that. One of the most important factors to perform off-page SEO is link building. But it is indeed not the only important thing. There are many steps to perform off-page SEO.

Let’s discuss some of them.

Off-Page Link Building

Off-Page SEO techniques include link building that can never be separated from off-page SEO. Link building is considered as the most vital part of off-page SEO. Many people don’t even know why links are the most important aspect? This is because an algorithm called page rank is used by Google. The main purpose of this algorithm is to evaluate the quality and the number of backlinks that are available on a website. Although some SEO professionals say that page rank has been expired. However, Google confirms that page rank is still a part of Google Assessment.

According to the reports from Ahrefs, it is proved there is a strong connection between the number of inbound links and backlinks to its performance in search results of a website. Therefore one of the ways to optimize off-page SEO is to add quality backlinks and inbound links to establish SEO off your website.

Online Business Listings

Off-page SEO techniques include being registered in an online business listing. It will also help you to optimize off-page SEO. There are many business listings online that can be used such as Zomato, GrabFood, and Trip Advisor. Trip Advisor is a kind of review site that supports business listing in the areas of recreation, lodging, and restaurants. Whereas Zomato and GrabFood are only dedicated to restaurants. GrabFood is not considered as a review site like the one Zomato. But, if you are registered at GrabFood as a merchant, you can get a special page on their website for your business. This can be very beneficial to perform off-page SEO.

Brand Mentioned In Media Platforms

Carrying out a special campaign is one of the steps to perform off-page SEO if you have a business then you can get a brand mention from online media platforms. There might be many questions going through your mind like is it ok to mention a brand without providing a link to its website or can it affect off-page SEO? Are you going to get benefit from this? If you are thinking about making revenue then yes, you will get the benefit once you have mentioned your business name by online media. This way more people will be aware of your brand and website.

However, if observed from off-Page SEO techniques, mention a name without any links doesn’t impact very much. Because it cannot be added to your traffic. Even so, don’t dishearten yourself, because with the brand name mentioned indicates that online media already know about your business. Get in touch with online media and ask them to attach a link in their article to your site.

Google Free Business Listing

Google is offering free business listing services that are also known as Google My Business. It is easy to register your business on Google my Business, almost anyone who owns a business can do that. If you want to enhance the quality and optimize off-page SEO, for local SEO mainly, you can avail of their services.

Once you have registered with Google My Business, your business will increase its popularity in local search engines. Besides, your business will start showing on Google maps. As an addition, your business chance will be increased to appear in the snack pack box of Google search results. This is one of the steps to perform off-page SEO.

Provide Reviews Of Your Products

If you want to optimize off-page SEO then you should provide reviews of your products and business. It leaves a notable impact on off-page SEO. As the review is considered as the 7th most major aspect in local SEO. The reviews mentioned here doesn’t only include the one from Google My Business but also from other review offering websites. A positive review means, it will play a greater role in your website’s off-page SEO performance in the future.

Unluckily, most of the customers are lazy and not interested in writing a product review. As a solution to this problem, you would have to organize a giveaway so you can motivate your customer to write a review.

Sharing Product Info On Social Media

It has been officially stated by Google that sharing on social media is not considered as a ranking factor and no direct effect was made to the SEO.  It is also not included as a ranking factor because it cannot be managed easily.  Thousands of likes and shares can be bought at affordable prices. Then why do people still post it on social media platforms as one of the steps to perform off-page SEO? because sharing such content on authentic social media results in indirect effects on off-page SEO techniques.

The number of shares on social media decides how many people will be going to read your content.  This way the chances of your content reaching full potential, shared again, referred to other websites, online media, and blogs are even greater the unusual. Therefore, social media sharing is one of the reliable ways to optimize Off-Page SEO.

Bottom Line

We have provided you some steps to perform off-page SEO. We hope this article was helpful to you. Make sure you comment down below. Let us know if any important factor was not mentioned in the given details.


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