How to deal with an ingrown nail

An ingrown toenail is a condition in which toenails start to grow into the Surrounding skin. The skin surrounding to ingrown toenail starts to swell and become red. It is very painful, and sometimes a person cannot even walk. If ingrown toenail leaves without any treatment, then it may lead to the infection.

Causes of ingrown toenail: 

There are many causes of the ingrown toenail, here are some of them:

inheritance, some people can have ingrown toenail from Generation. It may come from one parent or both.

  • Wrong shoe 

Due to wearing too-tight shoes or socks for a long period, the nail starts to grow in the nail, especially toenail. This usually happens in adults or teenagers because they are developing, and sometime, when the toenail does not get any space to develop, it may develop into the skin

  • Trauma

Runners and athletes develop ingrown toenails mostly because the chances of having foot injury are very high for them. If normal people start having too much foot injury or dropping off items on their foot mistakenly, then they also have the chance of ingrown toenail.

  • Poor hygiene 

Another cause of ingrown toenail is poor hygiene. A person who does not take care of their foot like washing them regularly or soaking them into hot water to remove germs, the chances of an ingrown toenail is high.

  • Wrong-way of nail cutting 

Sometimes people do not cut their hair in a straight line. they tend to cut their nail in an angular shape which promotes the growth of nail into the skin that cause an ingrown toenail

  • Patient 

People who already have some serious complications such as heart disease or blood pressure have more chances of developing ingrown toenails due to swelling of feet.

There are some people in which the chances of an ingrown toenail are very high such as

  • kickboxer
  • footballer
  • runner
  • diabetic patients
  • obese people

Most people have a different opinion on cutting ingrown toenail at home. Some people believe that cutting ingrown toenails can be very harmful and can lead to many more complications. But some people believe that if a person cut ingrown toenail in a precise, then it is OK, and the person does not need to go to a doctor.

here are some symptoms of ingrown toenail such as

  • swelling of this surrounding skin
  • Redness
  • pain during walking
  • deformation of fluid around the ingrown toenail

if a person has an ingrown toenail, then he does not need to rush toward the doctor as some home remedies can Have to solve this abnormality such as

  1. Soak in water:

Talking the effective feet in warm water for some time can be very effective and helps to relive leave pain. Addition of some salt and soap into the water help to remove the infection and germs from the feet. if a person is having infection around the skin of the nail, then prevent doing this remedy as it would increase the quantity of pass

If a person does not get any relief after soaking the feet in warm water, then he can add a half Cup of Apple cider vinegar into the water. Apple cider vinegar has antifungal antibacterial and antiseptic properties in it. it may help to relieve pain and provide warmth

  • Use of dental floss:

Some doctor recommends the use of dental floss or cotton under the ingrown toenail to give the skin correct direction of growth. But some people disagree with it because it can increase the chances of infection. A person should use cotton balls soaked with alcohol to prevent the risk of inflammation or infection.

  • Applying ointment

Applying antibacterial ointment on affected toenail can help to decrease infection and reduce pain, use the ointment cream as per the instruction of the manufacture. After applying the cream, make sure to cover the affected part with some bandages. Before buying scream make sure ointment include these chemicals for effective results Neosporin, Polysporin, and Bactroban

  • Where the comfortable size of the shoe.

When a person has an ingrown toenail, then avoid wearing any shoes, but if a person needs to wear shoes, then those who do not affect the feet would be good. Try to wear shoes that are the size or one size larger than the person.

  • try cutting:

If a person feels that he can cut his nails, then he should. For this purpose, soak the affected feet in warm water with some Epson salt to reduce the infection and make the surrounding skin soft. After that, take a clean Nail cutting tool and cut the small part of the skin that irritates. Then apply some ointment and cover the affected part.


There is no proof that antibiotics can help ingrown toenail, but it may reduce pain and infection. So if the infection Does not reduce, then go to the doctor and ask for some antibiotics. The indication that a person needs to go to the doctor is when toenail starts to smell very bad, and a person also has a fever. Your doctor would give some antibiotics that help to reduce infection and fever.

Surgical treatment:

If, after doing every home remedy and taking medicines to treat an ingrown toenail, a person is not getting any better, then the last option is surgical treatment. There are two types of surgical treatments that doctors do are partial nail removal and entire nail removed.

In partial nail, removal surgery doctor cut off the part of the nail that is responsible for abnormal growth. Along with the nail, the doctor would also cut the sides of nails. So that nail would grow in a straight direction and place a cotton ball under the remaining nail for support. The doctor may use a chemical that is known as phenol to increase nail growth.

According to an estimate, 90% partial nail removal surgery would be successful in treating an ingrown toenail.

In total nail removal surgery, the doctor would give anesthesia and cut the full nail. Total nail removal surgery is usually done when Ingrown toenail is due to thickening.

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