Use of neodymium magnets

Magnets are handy in the invention of the new machine with the help of technology. Magnet is affected by electricity that makes them very useful in making electronics such as refrigerators, earphones, and television. In computer science, magnets are used to store data, so scientists put magnets in different hardware devices. Magnets are used in the scanner machines, too, that help the doctor to look inside the human body.

Their strength measures the efficiency of any magnet and one of the strongest magnets is neodymium magnet. These magnets are also known as Neo or NIB magnets. It is a type of rare-earth magnet. Rare earth magnets are made of alloys of the rare earth element, and these are the strongest magnet.

These magnets are so strong that they may cause severe hazards while working with them. These magnets, even some centimeters long, can break the pieces of metal into tiny parts. If the human body or any part cam in contact between these two magnets, then it would cause them into injury or, in some cases, death. So the use of these magnets in making machines can be harmful because machines came in contact with humans all the time.

 Neodymium replaces many magnets in different electronics because of their strength and small size. There are some use of neodymium magnets, such as

A.    Motors and generators:

  • Motors and generators work into the principle of energy conversion. They convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.
  • The working of the electronic motor depends on the combination of electromagnets and a permanent magnet, especially neodymium magnet, which converts the electrical energy into magnetic energy.
  • On the other hand, the working of the generator is opposite to motors. They convert mechanical energy into electric energy by moving its conductor into a magnetic field.

B.   Hard disks drive:

  • Now hard drive disks are probably the most crucial part of the computer, and neodymium magnets are used in the making of these too.
  • In a hard drive, there is a thin ferromagnetic material on the disk that records data with the help of magnetizing and demagnetizing.
  • There are many tracks and sectors in each drive, and each one has many tiny magnetic cells in them.
  • When data is written, these cells get magnetized by the drives read/write head.
  • In the actuator, there is neodymium that moves the position of the read/write drive.

C.   Remegnitizing the old magnets:

  • Bar and alnico horse magnets can lose the magnetic power if someone drops them or store without proper cover. Instead of throwing these useless magnets, a person can reenergize them with the help of neodymium magnets.
  • Neodymium magnets can magnetize them if stroking the neodymium by a magnet from the center of alnico towards the north end of the horse.
  • After this round, stroke the neodymium magnets from the center of alnico magnet towards the north end of the horse magnet. This process makes the alnico horse magnet as a new magnet with full magnetic energy.
  • Do not do the stroking in the opposite direction that would charge the magnet in the opposite direction.

D.  Removing the dent from the musical instruments:

  • With the help of a neodymium magnet, a person can be able to remove the dent from the musical instrument only if the device is made up of brass.
  • It could be done by placing a ball of the same with as rhe musical instrument, then use a neodymium magnet from outside, and roll the ball back and forth until the dent is removed.

E.   Magnetic resonance imaging:

  • The invention of magnetic resonance imaging considered a blessing in the medical field.
  • In this machine, the magnet affects the electron on the atoms of the body; then, they apprehend the picture of these effects. The image would help the doctor to diagnose the disease accurately.
  • In this machine, neodymium magnets have a useful role.

F.   Door catches:

  • Neodymium magnets are used in the doors of the commercial and residential buildings.
  • Before the use of neodymium, pot magnets are used for that purpose.
  • As neodymium are the strongest magnets, they can easily hold the weight of the door. And it also can easily be separated from the wall because of the leaverage provided by the doors.

G.  Bearings:

  • Magnetic bearings provide aid to the moving parts of a machine without any mechanical.
  • These bearing can move an object with low friction and at very high speed.
  • There are two types of bearings—passive and active bearing. Only passive bearing use neodymium magnets in them.

H.  Magnotherapy:

  • it is the new modern therapy in the medical science field, and not much scientific evidence to prove its earth. But the scientist swears the efficiency of magnotherapy.
  • In magnotherapy, a neodymium magnet used to create a magnetic field. In this magnetic field, the patient enters their targeted body part and its aid to increase the blood flow and gives them relief from pain.

I.     Sale displays:

  • In every shop, there are tons of displays of sale. In all those displays, neodymium is used. These are Made bt tiny neodymium magnet the held the signs firmly and made them prominent.

J.    Treatment of GERD:

  • Neodymium is also used in the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease.
  • In this procedure, the bundles of neodymium magnets are used to put at the end of the lower esophageal sphincter with the help of surgery.

K.   Microphones:

  • The working of the microphone depends on the permanent magnets. Nowadays, neodymium magnets are being used in them.
  • Speakers works when the coil inside it moves in the magnetic field created by the neodymium magnet, which generates electrical energy that converts into sound.

There is no doubt that neodymium is very helpful and valid. However, The use of neodymium causes the invention of new and modern machines that made hum life much more comfortable and more useful. But they are very dangerous as they are very tine, children could swallow them and the leads into death. Moreover, they also conduct electricity, so keep an eye on the child if the child places the magnet near an electric outlet that would cause electric shock. For safety purposes, put magnets at least one meter away from the body.

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