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Three hypnotic ways to learn to love exercise:

The human body is like a machine that needs to take care and maintenance after some time; otherwise, it starts to lose its efficiency.

To take care of a body, a person should incorporate fruits, vegetables, protein, fats, and healthy carbohydrates in daily diet. Diet is so essential in maintaining a good body as a healthy body depends on 80% on a diet. It is essential to fill the body with the right ingredients as it takes food as a fuel to perform various functions.

Apart from a healthy diet, doing physical activity in daily life is also very significant. Exercise is not only for those who want to lose weight or build muscle. It is for every person because doing physical activity engages all muscles of the body and makes them stronger.

Most people have a terrible relationship with exercise. The thought of doing exercise terrified them. In their mind, the only way of doing exercise is to spend one to two hours in the gym. However, exercise is more than that.

Hypnotic ways of loving exercise:

To develop a loving relationship with exercise, a person should have to change his mind and follow this approach.

In this approach there are three hypnotic steps of loving exercise, which are as follows.

  1. Find the reason:
  2. If a person has a bad relationship with exercise, firstly, a person should try to understand why he hates doing exercise. if a person does not know why he hates doing exercise, then he cannot be able to learn a way to learn exercise
  3. Most people do not do exercise because they do not have enough time. If they develop a routine in which there is a specific time for each task, then the time is a restriction in the way of doing exercise
  4.  Some people find exercise is a terrifying and horrible task to do.

Because in their view, exercise is spending two to three hours in the gym and lifting heavy weights or doing cardio. However, exercise is not spending time in the gym, but any physical activity considers exercise. A person does not have to spend 40 to 45 minutes on a treadmill; a person can go for a run, walk, or anything that he enjoys or loves.

  • If a person builds a routine and follows this routine for more than ten days, then he would start to love exercise.
  • As a great person said, if a person does not know about the cause of the problem, then he would never be able to solve the problem. So, a person should try to find why he hates doing exercise. After finding the reason for the hatting exercise, a person can work on that restriction.
  • Most people start doing exercise for one to three weeks then stop it because they do not see any visible results on their body. These types of people should understand that exercise is not something that can show the result after some days. For effective results of doing exercise, a person should be consistent and patient. A person should change their perspective about results. They should start to care more about mental results as compared to real results. Such as after doing 10 to 20 days of exercise, a person would be more energized throughout the day.
  • According to some scientific research, exercise not only helps to increase the efficiency of physical health but also mental health. If a person is in stress or anxiety, then doing exercise is the most beneficial thing for him as it helps to release negative energy and bring positive energy in a person’s mind.
  • Competition:
  • Another thing that makes a person to hate exercise is that they think they are not doing good enough. In the gym, the person should not focus on how many weights he can lifts as compared to the neighbor person. The focus of a person should be on himself.
  • Not only in gym, engaging and n unhealthy competition is destructive of personality and the physical health of a person. If a person starts focusing on how many weights or how many reps, he can do then his friend or any other gym partner, then it will cause stress and the negative environment in the gym.
  •  The primary purpose of the exercise is to be healthier and efficient not to be best, among others.
  • A person should keep their focus on their progress as compared to other person progress. if two people start to do exercise at the same time, that does not mean both their progress would be the same. Every person has different capacities and capabilities.
  • During exercise, a person should be only competitive with himself, not to others. A person should think about how much more weight he can lift now as compared to its day, And there does not need to be a difference between the number of weights or reps a person can do from its day to now. The progress came after a long time.
  • Enjoyable exercise:
  • Before taking a membership in the gym remember that it is not essential to spend 2-3 hours in the gym. A person can do any activities that he loves to do.
  • If a person enjoys doing exercise, then he should take membership in the gym, but if a person does not like to sweat in the gym, then he should do something enjoyable for him. Such as he can go swimming, or he can go for hiking with his friends. Most people like to do activities that are combined with other social activities such as doing skating, running, skating, and many more.
  • If a person loves to do exercise, then it is no necessity to have a gym membership. A person can easily do exercise in their home by watching some YouTube videos.
  • Some people like to do exercise in Group as it is for more motivating than doing it alone.
  • Then they should take membership in the gym as that would allow them to take part in different classes.
  • As a person cannot eat their favorite food for an extended period, just like that doing the same exercise for an extended period make them annoying and less effective. A person should try to do various activities ranging from different intensities to push themself.

Last, the purpose of the exercise is not to be more bulk or lose weight; the only purpose of the exercise is to be more efficient in daily life.

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