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How will a person prevent asthma? What is the best treatment for asthma?

Asthma is a long-term respiratory disorder which is characterized by the inflammation in the airway and lungs. In this disease, a person feels difficulty while breathing. There are many other symptoms of asthma to such as coughing, wheezing, sniffling, and many more.

Asthma patients cannot be in the overcrowded room because that would cause them suffocation. There are many causes of asthma attacks. Scientists connect asthma attacks with genes and environmental factors. Gene has a part in asthma attacks, but the main culprit of the asthma attack is environmental factors. The environmental factors vary from Pollen grain odors and gases in the air.

Preventive measure:

It is scientifically proved that asthma attacks cannot be prevented, but a person may try to avoid any triggering elements that worse asthma. Here are some of those:

  1. Home remedies

Any scientific research does not prove that homemade remedies can help to cure asthma, but it can help to get rid of asthma symptoms or relief.

Some home remedies that belief to be beneficial among peoples are

  • Incorporating garlic and ginger in daily diet. Garlic and ginger both have Inflammatory properties in it, which helps to reduce the inflammation in the airway and lungs.
  • Taking a caffeinated drink also helps to cure asthma temporarily.
  • Eucalyptus and lavender oil also help to provide some relief to the asthma patient.
  •  Speleotherapy and acupuncture are both new and modern ways of treating asthma. Both help to prepare the body for asthma attacks before time.
  • Breathing exercise:
  • Breathing exercise is a central part of asthma treatment. In breathing exercises, a person tried to control his breathing, which is essential in asthma. There are some breathing techniques such as the Buteyko technique in which a person tries to take a breath from the nose as compared to the mouth.
  • Avoid allergies:
  • Every asthma patient has some specific factors that trigger asthma attacks, so the patient should try to avoid these elements.
  • These triggering elements cause inflammation in the airway and make it very narrow and steep to breathe.
  • After the exposure of these triggering element, person stars cough uncontrollably because these elements cause mucus too thick.
  • Air purifiers
  • An air purifier is a blessing for asthma patients.
  • Nowadays, there are too many pollutions and harmful elements that cause problems in the lungs. In the case of an asthma patient, the lungs are already so weak that any harmful substance can cause death. So, air purifier helps to clean the surrounding environment.
  • There are many air purifiers in the market that claim to be clean the air up to 99.7%. Some purifiers also claim to remove the odors and gases from the environment too.
  • Vapors:
  • In a dry environment, the person starts to cough, and it can turn into an asthma attack. So, to avoid the situation, some people use diffusers to make the environment a little bit more humid.
  • Too much humidity also causes problems I people, so be careful with the use of a diffuser.
  • According to scientific study, the level of humidity in the environment should be from 40 to 50%.  Nowadays, there are many diffusers available in the market, which helps to make the environment clean and safe and helps asthma patients a lot.
  • A lot of people ads essential oil into diffusers, so the environment can also smell nice.
  • Immunotherapy:
  • Doctors give asthma patients some shorts as a treatment of allergic reactions. At the start, a patient might need to have these shots once in a week, but after some time, a person only needs once per month, and these shorts can go for years.
  • Immunotherapy makes the immune system healthier.
  • If a patient has an allergic reaction with some specific food item or anything, then he should consider taking immunotherapy and discuss it with his doctor.
  • Prescribe medicines
  • Asthma patient should always take their medicine that is prescribed by a doctor no matter if they see any improvement in asthma or not
  • They should take their medicine with them whenever they are visiting the doctor to see if the doctor wants to change their medicines or not.
  • Be aware of vaccines
  • catching the flu can be very harmful to asthma patients, so they should be aware of getting their vaccine on time to prevent having asthma attacks.
  • Inhaler
  • asthma patient should always keep their inhaler with them all the time to help in an emergency.
  • If asthma patients used inhaler a lot, then that means their asthma is not getting any improve so they should consult their doctor.
  • Recognize the symptoms
  • Asthma patients should notice any symptoms of asthma such as coughing sniffing etc.
  • However, the condition of the lungs can be worse without showing any symptoms or signs. So, patients should keep a record of their airflow by using home peak airflow meter. Every asthma patient should know how to use home peak airflow meter as it helps a patient to warn About coming asthma attacks.

Asthma treatment:

  1. Homeopathy medicines
  2. There is no scientific evidence that homeopathic medicine can be able to cure asthma, but they can help to get rid of symptoms of asthma or prevent asthma attacks.
  3. Some medicine is beneficial in Asthma treatment such as aconite or arsenic album.
  4. There is one benefit of using homeopathy medicine in asthma; it does not have any side effects on a body.
  5. Medications:
  6. Many mass media sensors are available in the world market, and these are in for phones liquid shot and tablet. Here are some medicines that are very effective in preventing asthma and do not have many side effects on the body.
  7. Corticosteroids:

These medicines help to prevent the formation of information in the airway and lungs.

These are not the very most potent medicine to prevent asthma, but they are effective.

Steroids are the most potent medicine to prevent asthma, but the long-term effects of using steroids are very harmful to the body.

  • Leukotriene modifiers:

Leukotriene is a chemical that is released by white blood cell in a body that cause inflammation. This medicine Prevents asthma attacks by reducing the production of leukotriene in the body.

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