Effects of drinking contaminated water on human:

Water is considered as the necessity of life. Although it is proved by science that there is no life without water. However, there are more than 50 billion peoples in the world who had to drink water that is mixed with the sewage system. Nowadays, drinking clean water is considered a luxury.

Across all the world, the United States is the only country that has the safest public water system. In America, over 286 million people get clean water from the community type system, which follows the guideline of EPA. EPA is an environmental production Protection agency that controls the quality of water in the country and regulates the amount or the concentration of chemicals that can be found in water.

On the one hand, human beings are developing and increasing their social status by manufacturing new industries, while on the other hand, these industries cause water to be polluted and harmful to human health.

With time not only development increase, but pollution is also too.

Pollution effect air and water both and these two have a severe effect on human being because human beings are dependent on both.

Not only human survival depends on water but clean water because contaminated water affects not only one person but generations. Every year more than 30 billion people die due to water-related diseases.

There are many ways through which drinking water is being polluted, such as

  • human beings are throwing residue of industries into River.
  • The use of pesticides on agricultural land.
  • Acid rain
  • Global warming
  • Ming of drinking water with the sewage system.
  • Breakage of water pipes.
  • Urbanization
  • Human being throwing their litters into River.  

One very harmful thing is that a person can never tell if he is drinking clean water or contaminated water as most of the chemicals do not have any odor or smell, so a person cannot distinguish between these two. In some households, people used water after boiling. It is beneficial in some cases because boiling can kill some germs, but there are some chemicals in water whose intensity increase after heating.

To make sure a person is drinking clean water, he should test his water from a laboratory. Not only the results of the laboratory tell if you are drinking clean water or not, but it can also point out the problems that your water has. So, after working on those problems, he can be able to drink clean water.

Effects of drinking contaminated water:

The effect of drinking contaminated water is different for each person. It is mostly dependent on the age of a person and the immune system of a person.  The most vulnerable population that is at risk due to drinking contaminated water is children and older people.

Drinking contaminated water had two types of effects.

  • Acute effects:

If there is a high amount of chemicals in contaminated water, then any person can suffer from the acute effect of drinking contaminated water. The symptoms of these effects consist of but not limited to diarrhea, nausea, fainting, dizziness, vomiting, and many more.

  • Chronic effects

If a person is drinking contaminated water for the long term, then the person would suffer from the chronic effect of drinking contaminated water. It happens when a person intake contaminants above the EPA standard level. Examples of chronic effects of drinking contaminated water are problems in the reproductive system and digestive system, Cancer, kidney failure, gastroesophageal disease, and many more.

Contaminants in water:

They are different type of chemicals and contaminants that are present in contaminated water some of them are as follows

  •  Viruses
  • E. Coli bacteria
  • nitrates
  • lead
  • fluoride
  • arsenic
  • radium
  • Radon
  • Herbicides
  •  pesticides
  • Petrochemicals

There is some adverse effect that has on the human body after drinking contaminated water due to the presence of these chemicals such as

  1. Nervous system
  2. Drinking water is adequate for the nervous system. The water makes the myelin sheaths of the neurons that conduct electricity in the nervous system) thicker and works better.
  3. Water gives electric energy to the brain for performing all functions such as thoughts and memory processes.
  4. However, after drinking contaminated water, pesticides in water cause disturbance in the nervous system. In pesticides, there are carbonates and Organophosphates.
  5. These pesticides cause Cancer in the human body.
  6. Reproductive system:
  7. Drinking contaminated water for the long term can also cause reproductive diseases in male or female reproductive parts.
  8. After drinking a high amount of chlorides that are present in water, cause reproductive and endocrinal damage in human beings.
  9. Blue baby syndrome:
  10. In contaminated water, the number of nitrates is highly is more than it is gender amount neglected by EPA.
  11. Drinking nitrates in contaminated water is very dangerous, especially for babies who drink milk formula.
  12. Nitrates cause the brain cell not to take oxygen and cause blue baby syndrome.
  13. Central nervous system:
  14. Drinking enough amount of water is essential for the whole body but especially for the nervous system.
  15. However, drinking contaminated water cause store the extra amount of lead in the body and disturbs the central nervous system.
  16. By drinking contaminated water in which there is a high amount of arsenic cause disturbance in the liver and vascular disease.
  17. If there are any petrochemicals in Contaminated water, then the chances of Cancer are very high. Even the low number of petrochemicals can cause Cancer.
  18. There is some common disease that can cause after drinking contaminated water is
  19. Diarrhea
  20. Nausea
  21. Kidney failure
  22. Stomach disorder

If every person takes part in cleaning water by doing simple steps, then the whole world can be able to drink clean water. Those simple steps are as follows.

  • Do not throw litters in River
  • Educate people about the importance of water.
  • If a person there is wasting water, then he should report it.
  • Do not install industries near the River and do not dispose of harmful chemicals Ito them.

Food and water consider the necessities of human life. If due to human activities water continues to pollute, then in upcoming years, clean water would be nowhere, and people will die due to that.

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