Don’t be sad frightened or anxious, and life will be beautiful again:

As there is a quote that life is not a bed full of roses. In life, there are a lot of difficulties, but these difficulties are different in each person’s life. Every person has something to deal with; no one is living a perfect or dream life.

The feeling is a very complicated and beautiful thing, but the feeling is not a bad or harmful thing. It is OK to feel something rather than nothing. Suppose Any person is feeling sad or anxious in life; that is not a bad thing. And only one thing these people should keep in mind that one day everything would be better and beautiful again. There are too many challenges and difficulties that everyone has to overcome in their life. The only way of overcoming challenges and problems is to accept these difficulties and work on them. If a person is feeling sad or anxious or frightened about something or some situation in life, that means he’s afraid of the case and he doesn’t want to fight with their situation.

There are many situations in every person’s life that when he feels low and feel like life is cruel. Such as if a person is in a job that does not pay very well or he has to do a lot of work but don’t get enough money. There are two things that a person can do he can cr over something that he doesn’t have like the excess amount of cash and load of work and feel depressed and sad about that. Another thing that a person can do is feel  Happy that he has something to do in life. He has some money instead of nothing. If a person thinks that way, the chances of turning this job into something unique and successful for him is pretty high because that person is putting effort into that job.

In contrast, the former person is just doing his job because of responsibility. And there is a possibility that this person would be in that same job for five to 10 years. So now the choice is yours what you want for yourself in the long term. If a person wants to succeed, then be  Happy and put effort into your job, and one day you will be successful. Keep in mind that Mark Zuckerberg does not only invent Facebook. He designs a lot of different apps before Facebook too, and after so, many tries he made himself successful. Always remember if a person keeps trying, then the chances of being successful are 30% to 40%, but if a person stops working, then the chances of being such as far are 0.

Apart from job- or business-related problems, every person has to deal with relationship problems at some point in their life. If not in their adulthood, then maybe in old age. Most people are sad because they are not in the relationship that they want. They want a relationship with a perfect man or a woman. They want to be in a relationship where everything is good, no fight, and everyone is laughing. But every relationship has some ups and downs if a couple survives these ups and down, then they can change their relationship into a  Happy or perfect one. If you are sad or anxious that you are not satisfied with your relationship, then think of that person who lost their loved one due to some disease. It is better to have someone then do nothing. But that doesn’t mean if a person is not happy in a relationship, that does not mean he should be in a relationship without being satisfied. Happiness is the central and essential part of life. But a person should commit to his relationship and make it work. If, after a lot of trying, the relationship still not working, then the best thing to do is break up, not to be in the relationship feeling suffocated for the whole life. Some people think if they break these relations and then they won’t be able to be in a relationship again, It’s OK to be alone then to be suffocated.

2020 especially is very bad for all the people in the world; first, there is fire then epidemic war. Some people believed only 20 is worse in history, but if you think 2020 is not the worst year. This year make human being realize what the purpose of their life is. Every person is just so cruel to each other that they forgot they have to die at some point. It again made us realize if we want to live on earth, we have to work in harmony and coordination.

Some people are complaining they have to live in their house due to lockdown, and they cannot go out and enjoy their social life. Those people just forget that some people lost their loved ones due to this disease. They can’t go to their funeral; they can even touch the dead body of their loved ones.

If a person is feeling sad, then he should figure out why he is feeling that way. If a person doesn’t know the cause of the feeling, then there is no way he can be able to solve that conflict. A person should talk to their loved ones or friends about this condition and figure out a way that makes them  Happy. For example, if someone loves going outside or a fancy restaurant, then he should go no matter if there is no one to go with him. Some people prefer to take baths when they are sad, so do what a person love.

God gives us life to spend it, not to pass it. In just four to five months, more than 1 million people are died due to COVID-19. If you are not dead, then that means there is a purpose of your life that you have to fulfill.

So just don’t consider your life as a worthless or cheap thing. If a person treats his life as a luxury and think he is fortunate to be alive, then all the problems and difficulties in life would be minimal, and he can conquer them anytime any day.

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