Alcohol use disorder

Excessive intake of alcohol is known as alcoholism, alcohol abuse, or alcohol use disorder.

Alcohol use disorder is a repeating pattern of drinking alcohol without any willpower to stop drinking. Excess drinking changes the chemical composition of the brain, so a person becomes tolerant able to that amount of alcohol and needs more to feel the effects of alcohol.


If a person wants to know if he has alcohol use disorder or not. It is straightforward that a person can do it without any doctor or assistance answer the following questions,

  • If drinking habits cause a problem in work on marriage life.
  • If, after drinking, a person gets violent or angry.
  • A person feels the urge to drink or have the habit of binge drinking.
  • If a person does drink in an extreme or risky situation like drinking or swimming.

If the question of these answers is yes, then that means the person is having alcohol use disorder and need some treatment.

Alcohol use disorder is a mental disorder, so diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorder make a list of 11 symptoms. So, if answers any of these questions are yes, then that means the person is the victim of alcohol use disorder.

The level of alcohol use disorder is different in different peoples such as

  • Mild: 2 to 3 symptoms are present in inpatient.
  • Moderate: 4 to 5 symptoms are present
  • Severe: more than six symptoms are present


  • If a person does not stop himself from drinking
  • Wanting to quit drinking but unsuccessful in doing that
  • The decrease in social interaction
  • Continue to drink even if a person knows that it would cause physical and mental disorders.
  • Do not be able to do much work because of alcohol drinking
  • When a person Reduces the intake of alcohol or stops taking alcohol, he starts to feel vomiting, nausea, or shaking.


Many factors cause alcohol use disorder in a person. These include genes, social, environmental, and physiological reasons. Some of these factors are involving, such as:

  • if a person starts to drink at an early age, then the chances of getting an alcohol use disorder are very high.
  • if a person is having depression or anxiety problems, then a person would take the support of alcohol to get rid of feelings
  • if a person spends most of his time in a group where many people have AUD, then the chances of having alcohol use disorder are
  • If a person drinks too much daily, that can lead to an alcohol use disorder.

Effects of alcohol use disorders:

  1. Alcohol use disorder can cause serious impact on the safety of a person such as a vehicle accident or other type of injury
  2. Relationship problems and work problems in the daily life of a person. People with alcohol use disorder sometime end alone without any job.
  3. Alcohol use disorder causes some severe mental disorders in the human being, which cause them to end their own life.
  4. Excessive intake of alcohol causes many liver problems in a person such as inflammation, tissue damage, increases the fat percentage of the liver.
  5. Long term excessive drinking of alcohol causes involuntary movement of eyes as well as paralysis of the eye too.
  6. Excessive intake of alcohol cause bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract. Sometimes it may lead to cancer of the eye.
  7. Alcohol use disorder weakens the immune system of a person and increases the chances of getting diseases.
  8. If a woman drinks alcohol during pregnancy, then the chances of miscarriages very high. As well as the fetus may develop alcohol syndrome which causes developmental and mental disorders in a child for a lifetime
  9. Drinking alcohol can also cause heart problems and increase blood pressure.
  10. A person may experience developmental disorders in which a person may feel confusion, hallucination, Or memory loss.

One drink:

According to the National Institute of alcohol abuse and alcoholism, men should only take two drinks per day while on the other hand, women should take one drink per day. These guidelines do not recommend the people who do not drink start to drinking.

Now, most people confuse one drink with one full glass of alcoholic drinks. According to the guidelines of alcohol abuse and alcoholism Institute:

  • 12 ounces of regular beer is equivalent to one drink
  • 9 ounces of malt is equal to one drink
  • 5 ounces of wine is equal to one drink
  • 1.5 ounces of hard liquor is equal to 1 drink.

So, before drinking a full glass of alcohol and drink, keep in mind that.


  • A person can prevent alcohol use disorder by limiting the intake of alcohol. To reduce the intake of alcohol, a person should not keep any alcoholic drink in their homes. Try not to be in a gathering where you know there is excessive alcohol or go with a person that can help you to control the limit of alcohol.
  • Be friends with those people who do not can help a lot to prevent alcohol use disorder. If you are drinking, then Know how much Is safe to drink.


  • Detox:

People who already have alcohol use disorder, going to a rehabilitation center to detox the body is beneficial and helpful. In this program, with the help of experts, they start to reduce the intake of alcohol and then get rid of your body any symptoms. It may take some time to get rid of the symptoms. During these detox programs, a person may have to go to the hospital because of alcohol withdrawal symptoms such as shaking, nausea, and hallucinations.

  • See a counselor or therapist

After getting rid of symptoms of alcohol from the body, a person must find some hobby or activity that he can do and enjoy so he will not get back to alcohol. A person may need a therapist or counselor to find an activity which he enjoys

The therapist will tell you to deal with the stress and avoid any triggering elements that made you have alcohol or drink

 Join the support system. In sports, there are tons of people who are already struggling with alcohol use disorder so they can help each other.

  • Medicine:

Medicine cannot cure alcohol use disorder as it is a mental syndrome, but it can help along with therapy to increase the recovery process.

There are some medicines which used negative reinforcement such as after taking these medications if a person drinks then they would have made him or her throw up

Before taking any drugs or medicines for alcohol use disorder, consult your doctor.


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