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Laser technology to remove hair from the body:

Unnecessary hair always is the main issue in the beauty industry for women because hairs make them less feminine. They are several ways of removing superfluous hair, such as; Waxing, Plucking, Threading, shaving.

One that becomes most popular among females is laser therapy.

What is laser therapy?

According to the essential dictionary, the definition of laser therapy is:

laser therapy is the medical treatment to burn, remove, or cut the unwanted tissue.”

The word laser stands for “light amplification bu stimulated emulsion of radiation.”

There are many uses of laser therapy. The most important one is removing unwanted hair from the body.

Laser therapy for removal of unnecessary hair:


In this procedure, unnecessary hair is being removed by a strenuous beam of light.

Skin and hair tissue have an individual pigment called melanin. When light ray directed toward the targeted area, these cell absorbs light energy. It converts light energy to heat energy, which damages the follicle. A follicle is a cell that is responsible for hair growth, and it is present beneath the skin.

Laser therapy could help to slow down the process of hair growth or removal of hair permanently. Removal of hair permanently, many sessions would be needed as well as maintenance sessions too. Nowadays, the laser removal of hair is the safest and proven method to get rid of unnecessary hairs.


The doctor would first check the sensitivity of the skin and other like color, type. After the inspection of the skin, he would use the laser beam that is suitable for the skin.

He may be given medication or any cooling gel to avoid discomfort. Sometimes laser beam apparatus has a cooling device on top of it, so when the doctor directs the light ray on the skin, a person would feel a cooling sensation from it. The light ray would destroy the tissue that is responsible for hair growth.  A person would feel a pinch when the beam affects the muscle.

After the procedure, the doctor would give a steroid cream if the targeted area is swollen or red. If the patient notices any burn, then he should put ice on it or consult the doctor.

Time consumption:

Lightray could treat a quarter size of skin in seconds. The small area needs less time, such as eyebrows could be done under 2 minutes while large areas like legs could tale up to hours.


After one session of laser therapy, it may result in a permanent reduction in hair growth but would need other sessions too for permanent hair loss. Alternatively, it may result in permanent removal of hair.

Perks of laser removal:

  • Accuracy:

The light ray would only affect the tissue, not the skin. It only burns the follicle, not the skin, which causes the skin to look fresh and healthy.

  • Productive:

the removal of hair by a laser has been widespread and proven in the USA since 1970 by the FDA. According to the FDA, this method is used for permanent reduction of hair growth, not Vermeer removal in hair. For treatment to be most effective, the client should take a laser session within 4-6 weeks. It is a monthly cycle of hair growth and loss, and laser performs its function best on new-grow follicle very well.

  • Ephemeral:

The removal of hair from laser take some second. It so fast and time-saving that most people prefer this method.

A session may need 15 minutes to one hour, and there is no remnant left of the body to work.

  • Less painful:

Every person has a different kind of threshold of pain. Some people can not handle mild pains, so that is why people prefer laser hair removal methods because there is mild discomfort. Every other method causes much pain for the person.

The pain factor also depends on the body part and sensitivity too. Some patents do not even fee a slight discomfort, while some find it less painful than others.

  • Reduction in the density of hair growth:

by using other ways of removing hair, hair would grow back in a few days because they are real unevenly. Laser hair removal ensures the breakdown of hair in a proper way, which cause in later growth of hair. Also, the new hai would change in texture and color too.


There are many factors which cause the body to react to laser therapy differently;

  1. The color and sensitivity of hair being treated.
  2. The color and sensitivity of the patient
  3. The quality of the laser being used
  4. The experience and training of the doctor

The number of sessions:

the number of sessions usually depends on the person’s skin color, sensitivity, and ability to tanning.

According to this Fitzpatrick skin type, there are three types of patients;

  1. Type 1,2

These types of people have white skin, which burns quickly, but the chance of being tanned is very less.

In this type, people have a different color of hair light or dark

Light color hair people can remove their hair permanently by attending the 4-6 session every 4-6 weeks

Dark hair color people can remove unnecessary hair permanently by having 6-12 treatment a month apart after the initial course.

  • Type 3

These people’s skin color is light brown. The chance of sunburn is scarce. Also, these people may get tan but slowly.

In this type, there is hair color too:

Light hair color people need 6-10 treatment to remove unnecessary hair within 4-6 weeks.

Dark hair color people need 3-6 sessions a month apart after the initial treatment of laser therapy.

  • Type 4,5:

These people have medium brown to dark brown hair color, and their chance of being burn is very less. These people can quickly get tan as compared to others.

In this type, people have two types of hair color;

Haor removal by laser does not affect the light color hair people.

Dark hair color people need to have 6-10 treatments every 4-6 weeks.

Maintenance sessions would also be needed for permanent removal of hair within 3-6 months apart.


People would be more likely to choose over other methods because of its efficiency, time-saving, less painful. Characteristics. A person should verify the credentials of the doctor’s documents and also consult two doctors for sound opinion. Before selecting the doctor, check his competence too. Avoid going to tanning and light after having a session or do as the doctor prescribes.

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