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How to make lungs effective:

During this pandemic, everyone is taking extra care of herself as a precaution against COVID-19. However, the first thing that should be kept healthy is lungs because if the lungs are weak, the chance of being infected by COVID-19 is pretty high.

There is a myth that the only reason to exercise is losing weight, but that is not true. The need to be active is highly essential for every person. Especially in this pandemic, every person should be active in daily life to boost his/her immunity. Exercise does affect not only the muscle but also the internal system of the body too. People should do breathing exercises not only as a preventive measure but also after recovering from COVID-19: It helps the person to recover quickly.

Breathing exercise helps the muscle of lungs and heart to vigorous and make sure the transportation of blood. When a person does exercise, the body needs more oxygen to perform its function. That is why lungs increase their capacity to supply oxygen and expel more carbon dioxide.

Aerobic and muscle training both are good for lungs, but to increase the effectiveness of lungs combine breathing exercises with them helps a lot.

There are tons of breathing exercise; some of them are as follows:

  1. Pursed lip breath:

In this exercise, people should press their lips firmly against each other and then inhale the air by taking deep breaths. Then exhale the air through the nose. Repeat this exercise fro 5 to 6 times. This exercise would be challenging to perform at the start, but after some time, it becomes easy. It would increase the capacity of the lungs.

  • Run-on the step:

In this exercise, run on the same spot at high speed. The purpose of this exercise is to increase the breadth rate. After doing this exercise for 30 to 40 seconds, then do the breathing exercise. In this breathing exercise, inhale through the nose and exhale from the mouth. Do this breathing exercise for 4-5 times for active lungs.

  • Pursed lip while movement:

it is a moderate and extensive form of pursed-lip breath. In this breathing exercise, the person should inhale oxygen by taking a deep breath, then exhale air while doing the movement. To do movement while exhaling is quite challenging, but it takes practice to be master in it. This exercise is excellent to engage the muscles of the lungs and help the lungs to perform its function effectively.

  • Hyper jumping jacks:

It is the fast form of doing jumping jacks than usual. In this exercise, all muscles in the bodywork in harmony to perform a function.  Do this exercise for 30-40 seconds. Then do breathing exercises to focus more on the lungs. In this exercise, inhale from the nose and then exhale the air from the mouth by taking short breaths. In this exercise, the Efficiency of lungs improves by controlling the breath rate.

  • Abdominal breathing exercise:

In this exercise, put one hand on the mouth and others on the tummy and then take deep breaths. Make sure that the oxygen fills in the tummy while inhaling the air, and while exhaling, all amounts of air leave the tummy. In this exercise, focus on the contraction and expansion of tummy to make sure a person is doing the correct form of exercise, through this exercise, lungs muscle move-in coordination, and in controlling ways.

  • Plyometric squats:

In this form of exercise, do a squat with a jump. Make sure both feet are off the ground and do a deep squat. Do this exercise for 30 seconds. Then combine this one with a breathing exercise. Take a deep breath by inhaling the air through the nose and then hold the breath for 10 seconds then exhale air from the nose. This combination of exercise helps the lungs to supply oxygen to the muscles of the body effectively.

  • Baby push-ups:

In this way of making the lungs more potent, lay down on the front side of the body. Make sure the side of the body is all one floor, and the neck is coordinating with the spine. Then lift the body in an upward direction with the help of the arm. While lifting remembers to inhale the air. When a person is in the position where only knees are in contact with ground and palms are firmly pressed against the floor. Then go back to the original position while exhaling the air. Repeat this exercise 10 times. The purpose of this exercise is to make the muscle of the chest and lungs stronger.

  • Yoga exercise for lungs:

It is a very early form of lung exercise. It is so simple yet effective. In this exercise, sit down in a comfortable position and try to relax the body. Put a thumb on the right nostril and inhale air from the left one. Then place the middle and index finger on the left nostril and exhale the air. After exhaling, inhale the air from the right nostril. Repeat this exercise for 3-5 times a day. This exercise would help to make the lungs more effective.

  • Walking:

Walking is a simple but very useful for the lungs muscles endurance.  Walking to make lungs effective, a person needs to walk a little bit fast, so heart rate increase and blood circulate to all the muscles of the body. Walking does not need any special equipment or type, but it helps the chest muscle to expand and contract very quickly. Because of this movement, the capacity of lungs increases, and they perform more efficiently.

  1. Smoking:

If a person wants his/her lunges to be healthy, then he should quit smoking. Smoking filled the lungs with tar and reduced their lung capacity, which causes many breathing issues. Smoking not only harmful to the lungs but also the whole body.


Increasing lung capacity is difficult, but a person can increase the effectiveness of the lungs. According to an estimate, the breathing rate goes from 15 breaths per minute to 40-60 per minute. There are tons of activities that a person can do to avoid all the breathing issues. If they want to make their lungs stronger, then combine aerobic exercises with breathing exercises.

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