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How to look slim when a person is a fat:

Easy tips to look slim instead of fat

Every person has a desire to look good in every situation. Sometimes d we do not have time to lose weight due to sudden events so we can look slim, smart, and beautiful. The meaning of beauty is different for different people and cultures. The perception behind looking good is means a person is compact and smart. Some people perceive beauty if a person is smart and tall. While we do not agree with this concept: Nevertheless, having visible fat rolls makes a person look uncomfortable and less confident. Sometimes when we see a person, he/she is looking smart and slim while sometimes they are looking like they gain a lot of eight. That is because of the selection of the clothes have a significant impact on how will person look

 There are many ways through which a person can look slim whole he/she is fat. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Wearing dark color:

Every color has a different type of property in it. The bright colors make the person colorful and vibrant, while dull colors make a person plain and dull. Just like that, the color black helps the person to look slim instead of fat. Black creates a slimming illusion in the eyes of a perceiver.  By wearing color black, a person can quickly lose some pounds. Black color reduces the frame of the person and enhances the natural curves of the body. While wearing light colors, add some pounds in the weight of a person. Some colors do not absorb much light, so the center of attention would be the fat of the body.

Right fabric:

The choice of fabric makes a person fat or slim in appearance. Fabric that is heavy in texture and shiny, add much weight to the body, such as leather, velvet. Other fabric that does not have texture makes the body

 tone and snatch more.


The selection of undergarments is essential in the appearance of the person. The undergarment should not be very tight or loose. Tight undergarments enhance the presence of the body fat in the form of bulges or fabs. Underwear should be high rise so it would not show the muffin top. So select those style of undergarment that makes hide the fat and make the body look smart.

High waisted jeans:

Some clothing items made to enhance particular parts of the body while some hide them. High waisted jeans are a blessing for people who want to hide their lower belly fat. The fabric makes the stomach bulge nearly invisible. This pair of jeans make the body more toned and snatch. Also, these jeans make the legs taller and smaller that’s why a person looks taller than his/her height.

Wearing clothes that flatter:

The choice of clothing has a significant impact on the physical appearance of the body. Wearing too-tight clothes make the fat rolls more noticeable while loose clothes give a perception that there is more fat beneath the shirt. Also, enhancing the natural waist by the style of clothing helps the person to look slim naturally. Try to select those clothes which are narrow at the waistline. Some shirts have the strings or twisted material at the waist that make the person more tone than average. Moreover, emphasizing the hips and chest helps to make the waist smaller, so that gives the perception of a slim body.

Avoid pattern:

The piece of clothing with pattern make the body to appear fat instead of smart. Nearly all patterns add more pounds to the weight than natural, but in some cases, small patterns make a person more snatch and tone down. A wearing pattern is a risky choice, so try to avoid the pattern if a person wants to look slim and smart.

Include stripes:

Try to wear clothes that have small vertical lines that make a person smart while he/she is fat. These vertical stripes create the illusion of a short frame and make both ends of the body a lot closer than it is.

So wearing stripes helps a person to lose some pounds in a snap.


A person can look much slimmer by wearing shapewear under the actual clothes. The shapewear made with tight elastic fabric; the purpose of them is to enhance specific body pars or makes the body more snatch and tone.  They are usually very tight and uncomfortable, but they serve their purpose very well.

  1. Heels:

The addition of heels in the look of a person can change the appearance of the physical body. Heels add 3-4 inches in height, this addition of height makes the current weight of the person suitable for the new height. Heels not only helps to increase the height but also help look a person more snatch and tone than before.


The addition of accessories not only helps a person to look more put together but also enhances the part of the body person wants to enhance. Big necklace diverts the attention from large hips to the upper body, and earing diverts the focus from the upper body to face.  The hat also helps to make the head look small.


A person can enhance or decrease the appearance of body parts by using makeup. A person not only slims down the face but also enhances color bone applying bronzer and highlighter.


The choice of clothing has much impact on the physical appearance of the person. There are many factors which can add some extra pounds to our weight, like loose clothes or undergarments. If a person wants to to look slim, then he should focus on the part of the body he/she loves. Wear clothes that enhance the best part and hide those parts that a person does not like to show too much. A person can use handbags and other accessories to change the focus of attention. A person should look like what he/she wants to look regardless of society.

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