How stress is causing digestive problems:

Nowadays we are living in a much complicated and stressful environment. We need to worry about our deadlines, fear of playing financial dues on time, and many more. The stress is not only bad for your mind but also your health. There is a two-way connection between the brain and stomach, so any problem in the brain has a lot of impact on stomach problems. A little stress, such as being stuck in traffic would cause a little bit of discomfort in the stomach, but the long duration of stress and anxiety would cause gut-wrenching pain in the stomach.

There are many ways in which address cause a lot of digestion problem in a person’s body. Some of them are as follows

  1. Flight or fight
  2. Whenever a person senses any danger around himself, then the body automatically activates a system of the nervous system, which is known as flight or fight. In the response of flight or fight, our body starts to prepare for future danger. In this heart rate accelerates, breathing quickens, nutrients go into arms and legs and also increase the blood pressure of a person When all these functions activate by a body so to compensate mind send the signal to stomach to stop performing its duties or slow down the speed of the task.
  3. Living in a stressful situation for an extended period make the digestive system of a person less effective. also it may cause a lot of disorders in our body.
  4. Sleeping problem:
  5. Taking a night of proper sleep is so essential for a healthy gut. But stress and anxiety disrupt the sleeping patterns due to which the digestive system of a person would be affected.
  6. When changing in a sleeping pattern of a person make a person to eat a lot more and unhealthy food, which led to digestive disorders.
  7. Changing and eating pattern:
  8. When a person is in stress or anxiety, there’s a significant change in his eating pattern.
  9. In some people, the stress makes their appetite slows down to a dangerous level. Sometimes slow hunger causes a lot of serious problem in a body because there is not sufficient nutrients and energy.
  10. While in most people, stress to make them eat a lot more and without any interval. Eating a large quantity of food does not affect your weight but also stomach.
  11. Stress not only change the eating pattern but also make a person eat a lot more oily and fatty food. A person who is in stress consumes a lot more alcohol than usual, and all these food causes a lot of problem In the stomach and digestive tract of a person.
  12. Gastroesophageal reflux disease:
  13. The stress increases the amount of stomach acid in a person. It causes acid reflux and heartburn.
  14. If a person have a acid reflux for a long time, then it would convert into gastroesophageal reflux disease.
  15. In this condition, a person may feel nausea, dizziness, no appetite and in some severe cases bleeding too.
  16. Imbalance of hormones:
  17. Stress activates a particular type of function in the body, which is known as fight or flight. After activating, there is a rush of Adeline in our body.
  18. The extra amount of adenine in our body activate many other hormones too. So due to the hormonal imbalance, the digestive system would behave abnormally.
  19. It can be recognized as a butterfly in the stomach if the feeling is for a short time, then there is nothing to worry. But the long term of stress causes a lot of diseases such as gastrointestinal bleeding and ulcers.
  20. Bacteria:
  21. Digestive system complete the process of digestion by the help of the bacterias, which aids in breaking the large particles of food into smaller ones. Also, these bacteria absorb essential nutrients. Good bacteria not only present in the stomach but also in the small intestine and perform several functions which are very useful in the digestive process.
  22. Stress not only affects the stomach but also cause a disturbance in the amount of good and bad bacteria in a body.
  23. Taking medicine for stress relieve is very destructive for the stomach because these medicines would kill bacterias of any type in which good bacteria is also included.
  24. Indigestion:
  25. Stress not only kills the good bacteria but also cause to produce an extra amount of stomach acid.
  26. The extra amount of stomach acid cause heartburn.
  27. If a person lives under the stress condition for a long time, then indigestion would be worse, such as a person may feel pain, burning sensation and growls in the stomach. Also, a person always feels bloated and nausea.
  28.  Stress doesn’t have any direct impact on stomach ulcer, but it can increase the risk of stomach ulcer in the body.
  29. Irritable bowel syndrome:
  30. Stress affects the  person who already has irritable bowel syndrome more as compared to a reasonable person
  31. Due to stress, the process of absorbing nutrients also change.
  32. The gas that is responsible for absorbing nutrients would be increase due to stress.
  33. There are many different types of bacteria in the large intestine, and there is tight security that controls the bacteria from entering into the body. The stress allows these bacteria to go into a body which is not very harmful because these bacteria can be removed from the body without any special effort with the help of the immune system.
  34. Stress also makes muscle to spasms in bowels which is very painful.
  35. When a person in a stressful condition, the digestive process would be so quick that it causes diarrhoea or Constipation. These both are not very bad if it is in for long short term but can cause a severe disorder of a human body if it’s for a long time.

If these symptoms of stress last for more than one month, then a person should consult his or her doctor.

There are many ways through which a person can resolve the issue of stress and anxiety, such as by doing meditation like yoga and exercise if a person has stressed for long duration then a person need help from mental experts.

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