Beware of the Pitfalls of Working From Home

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Isn’t it appealing to sitting in your house in peace, eating snacks, and performing official tasks without any formal and compulsive setting? Many people aspire to work from home without bothering to go to workplaces. They truly enjoy their immaculate home office while drinking a cup of tea, savoring their unprecedented efficiency as they are not aware of the pitfalls of working from home.

Now in the current status quo of the world where a pandemic CoronaVirus Disease 2019 (COVID19) has been spread, it’s quite pertinent to work from home as a lockdown has been promulgated across various countries. So employees need to work from home through online applications such as the Zoom app, Google team, etc.

For those who do not work at home or do not have any organized work station, distractions can disrupt their productivity. After all, you are in a comfortable space, not your formal professional environment.  Despite the fact that you are in a comfortable environment, you must be aware of the pitfalls of working from home.

10. Work-life vs. family life

The balance between work-life versus family life is a serious issue tagged with the home-based job. Research studies and surveys report that children or family demanding attention to make you aware of the pitfalls of working from home. If you have a family it is quite pertinent to let them know when you work. You need to have a separate room in the house as your office. Note that your room is not a suitable place for small children to play.

9. Motivational Challenges

To organize and motivate yourself is a more important need while working at home. No one should disturb you in your home office and tell you to get on with things. And unless you’re really focused on the task, you might find yourself succumbing to temptation easily when you work at home or in a home-based job. Just think about it, what’s more mesmerizing: making a business call or playing with your child.

8. Lack of Office Equipments

Lack of office equipment was timely reported by 30% survey participants as a home-based work disadvantage. If your work involves the use of specialized equipment it might be hard to replicate that environment at home. Even in current times, laptops or tower computer systems are not expensive that much, however, employees might need multiple monitors/copier machine/fax machine/multifunction printer, etc to carry his official work smoothly while staying at home.

7. Household noise

Household noise includes the voice of dishwashers, air conditioners, washing machines, and others.  It has been reported as a barrier by 29% of those working from home. This is one of the biggest and major pitfalls of working from home. If your home has poor sound insulation or you cannot isolate yourself from noise in your home, this will be a continuous problem for you.

6. Access to documents

Lack of access to documents has been reported as a complication by almost 20% of respondents. If the documents are in a paper – the only hardcopy then frequent visits to the main office might be required. In order to access electronic documents easily, you have to search for easy ways to access your documents on the internet by using any application Virtual Private Network (VPN) or cloud access.

5. Ergonomic issues

The unavailability of proper work surfaces was reported and bad posture was also reported by the respondents. Neither of these should be an issue with a properly equipped home office. Due to the unavailability of a proper table and comfortable office chair your back, neck, and seat will eventually suffer badly.

4. A lack of community & differences in culture

A lack of community & differences in culture occurs while working from home during COVID19 disease. When you see your teammates in a weekly call, it is hard to develop a sense of good companionship that is a need for truly great teamwork. One of the issues that have been encountered working remotely is just differences that arise due to various cultural expectations and work ethics.

3. Difficult and lacking communication

Difficult and lacking communication affects the work performance badly in home-based jobs, especially in today’s pandemic COVID19. For instance, if an employer and a client are not conversing comfortably in the same spoken language, it is most probable that the task will cost much more money and be delayed.

2. Low reliability and retention

One of the most important things in a home-based job is low reliability and retention. For example, I don’t need to hire people from remote areas to do in-depth SEO work and expect good outcomes. I have already tried it and it has never achieved its desired goals. Remote workers look at the jobs as stepping stones and tend to move for another if good opportunities knock at the door.

1. Difficult to manage & maintain accountability

Moreover, difficult to manage & maintain accountability is also one of the barriers to working from home jobs. To hold accountable for the tasks it is very difficult in terms of a remote team. Remote teams require more minute micromanagement to ensure they are working efficiently and correctly. Many strategies that worked for managers in the past will be impossible with a remote team. No chance of getting the team together after lunch for a project autopsy, no chance of taking rounds to ensure everyone is working, and no chance of being able to visit someone and demand his/her attention. Home-based jobs could make much of traditional management practices futile.

Conclusive note

For all practical purposes, maintaining a balance between work life and family life, motivational challenges, lack of office equipment, and household noise are the major pitfalls of working from home. Lack of access to documents, ergonomic issues, lack of community & differences in culture, and difficult and lacking communication also play their negative role in working from home during pandemic Covid19. Besides low reliability and retention, the most discouraging is difficult to manage and maintain accountability in working from home in pandemic COVID19.

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