How to treat the symptoms of Heartburn:

Heartburn is a burning sensation a person feels at the end of their throat or esophagus. The human digestive system consists of many parts such as mouth rectum anus small intestine large intestine. Food travels from the mouth to the stomach through the help of a tube that is known as the esophagus in steady contractions. At the end of the digestive tract, there is a junction that makes sure no food comes back into the throat, this junction known as LES lower esophagus sphincter

Due to the damaged muscle of LES, food comes back into the throat. Along with the food content, there is also stomach acid that causes acid reflux. If a person has Heartburn for an extended period, then it would convert into GERD

Heartburn is not a disease. It is a symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease

There are many causes of Heartburn, such as drinking too much alcohol, or smoking, eating spicy and fatty food, eat without a gap, and eat before bedtime. Some food may trigger Heartburn in some people such as coffee, chocolate, and hot drinks

There are many symptoms of Heartburn, such as nausea, dizziness, bitter taste at the end of the throat, loss of appetite, and vomiting.

Treatment of Heartburn:

By listening to the name of the disease, some people may think Heartburn also has any impact on the heart, but there is not any effect on the heart in this disease.

There are two ways of treating Heartburn, such as:

  • Home remedies
  • Medical treatment
  • Home remedies:

First, take a look at how the symptoms of Heartburn can be treated at home with simple methods

  1. Lifestyle change:
  2. Heartburn can be solved very easily by just making a few changes in lifestyle.
  3. Eating small portions of food can help to get rid of Heartburn. Eating small or fewer quantity meals means there is less production of stomach acid. So, the chances of coming stomach acid into the esophageal tube would be very less.
  4. Changing a person’s daily life is a straightforward homemade remedy for Heartburn. If any person has Heartburn, then He or she must take notice of the food they are consuming in their daily diet. If the menu mostly consists of carbohydrates and oils, that means these are the causes of Heartburn. So eliminating this food and incorporate healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits would help to get rid of Heartburn.
  5. Another homemade remedy for Heartburn is eliminating or reducing the consumption of alcohol in daily life.
  6. Another simple and easy step to get rid of Heartburn.
  7. Body posture:
  8. Body posture is also another meaningful way of getting rid of Heartburn.
  9. If a person is sitting or lying down, then try standing up. If the person is already standing, later try to stand as straight as he can.
  10. Wrong body posture causes a lot of strain and pressure on LES that holds the stomach acid and food content into the stomach.
  11. Heartburn could be worse when a person is lying down. So, try to sleep in a position in which your body is elevated.
  12. Some people suggest putting two to three pillows under the head helps to get rid of the Heartburn.
  13. But according to scientific research putting pillows does not help enough. A person’s body should be elevated from the waist up.
  14. If a person does not have an adjustable bed, then try to put two-three pillows on this below area cool elevate your body. That would help to get rid of Heartburn.
  15. Baking soda remedy:
  16. Another straightforward and effective home remedy to get rid of Heartburn is baking soda.
  17. If a person has Heartburn, then he should mix one tablespoon of baking soda with a glass of water and drink it.
  18. Baking soda has many different types of properties it which help to calm the pH level of a body.
  19. Baking soda helps to get rid of Heartburn by neutralizing the effect of stomach acid on the body.
  20. Another homemade remedy that it is advantageous and accessible among people to get rid of Heartburn is using ginger. Ginger helps to reduce the nausea of a person, so it might help to get rid of Heartburn too.
  21. Try adding ginger in lemon water or hot water to get rid of Heartburn.
  22. Some people also find using Apple cider vinegar very helpful to get it off Heartburn.
  23. Drinking a glass of lukewarm water mix with 1 to 2 tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar is another excellent homemade remedy for Heartburn.
  24. Avoid coffee and chocolate:
  25. Some people use coffee as their first drink in the morning, which helps to wake up their mind and body, but the caffeine in the coffee causes LES to be weak for temporarily.
  26. Some studies see a significant effect of caffeine on LES, so eliminate coffee can help to get rid of Heartburn.
  27. Some people suggest drinking decaf coffee as compared to others a good option.
  28. There is another homemade remedy that helps to get rid of Heartburn is eliminating or reducing the amount of chocolate.
  29. There is not much evidence against chocolate that it has some effect on Heartburn, but chocolate increases the production of stomach acid, and that can cause Heartburn.
  30. So a patient of GERD should try to limit the consumption of chocolate in Daily diet.
  31. Medical treatment:

Many medicines are available in the market for Heartburn. All these medicines belong to three types of categories such as  

  • Anti acids  

These types of medicines help neutralize the effect of stomach acid on a body.

A person can eat these types of medicines after a meal and before bedtime to get rid of Heartburn.

  • H2 blockers

These types of medicine reduce the amount of stomach secretion, which causes stomach acid to secret in control away.

Some examples of these type of medicines are:




  • Proton pump inhibitors

These type of medicines also helps to reduce the amount of stomach acid.

Taking proton pump inhibitors is the medical treatment of Heartburn.

some examples of these type of medicines are






These medicines are available at OTC without any prescriptions. But if a person is already sick and sensitive, then he should consult with his doctor or any professional before taking these medicines

  • Surgery:

Surgery is another way of treating Heartburn medically.

Surgery is available for those patients whose acid reflux is so severe that it causes pneumonia or wheezing and for those who have Barrett’s esophagus.

Surgery is the last option to get rid of Heartburn. After every medical treatment for Heartburn, if a person’s situation would not get better, then surgery would be the last option.

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