How To Approve A Content Writing Blog From AdSense In 2020


How to approve a content writing blog from AdSense in 2020

Content writing blog AdSense approval

Tips for blogger AdSense approval

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Meta Description: Are you a creative blog writer and want to know how to approve a content writing blog from AdSense in 2020? Then we will provide you some reliable tips for content writing blog AdSense approval.

How To Approve A Content Writing Blog From AdSense In 2020

Everyone wants to make an earning through blogging even if you are a beginner. The number one network which can help you monetize your blogs and contents is Google AdSense. The question is how can approve a content writing blog from AdSense in 2020? The answer might be in the form of a handful of tips.

The policies of Google AdSense are very strict, this is why most of the bloggers fail when it comes to making an earning online. Well, the good news is that, if you follow the given instructions and your blog is maintained you can surely get AdSense approval.

How Does The Procedure Works?

You can add AdSense codes to your blogs after signing up with Google AdSense. Till the final approval process is finished, ads will be shown as blank. Final approval and review can take up to 1 to 2 weeks minimum. Once you get the final AdSense approval, you will receive a confirmation email stating that you can now show AdSense ads. You can add as many ads as you like. Now you can start earning money from Google Adsense approved blogs.

In this article, we will discuss some tips for blogger AdSense approval.

1. Five-Star Content

There are many blogs and writers available in the online market. The ones having no experience in the field are struggling to earn money via blogging. If you want to apply for Google AdSense you have to provide high-quality work, Avoid filling your blog with plagiarized content. Try your best to write, valuable. engaging, and unique content so you reach the maximum number of readers.

Write well-optimized and medium lengthy blogs consisting of 700 to 800 or more if required. Keep in mind that, content prohibited on AdSense will not be approved as an application on AdSense. So, before applying for Google AdSense approval make sure that you meet all the content requirements.

2. SEO Friendly Blog Posts

We know that a meta description and a title tag is necessary to write SEO friendly content. Add an amount of healthy and relevant keywords and select your keywords in a wise manner. Crawler bots are used by Google AdSense o review websites that applied for Google AdSense approval. It is impossible for the AdSense team cannot visit each site because there will be hundreds. 

WordPress allows the user to install a variety of plugins that can optimize their written blog content for search engines. This is another useful tip for a blogger to get AdSense approval.  This may not seem like a valid point but if done right you can rank higher on Google.

3. Design Must-Have Pages

Some pages are important for your blog site before you ready to apply for Google AdSense. These pages include contacting us page, privacy policy, and about us page. If you are gathering personal information of visitors and users then a privacy policy is required by law. It is also important if you are looking forward to using Google AdSense.

If you find a website similar to your business, and can just copy and modify their policy page.If won’t be going to affect your SEO reputation. Privacy policy pages online are almost the same at some point. Content writing blog AdSense approval depends on all the authentic detail you have given about your website.

4. Meet Terms and Conditions

Getting AdSense approval for your blogs might not be an easy task as they are very cautious about their terms and conditions. They only accept applications from 18 years old or over applicants. No need to worry if you are under 18, ask your family member to sign up for AdSense using their required information on your behalf.

5. Avoid Using Copyright Images

Blogs containing copyright images and content are not approved by AdSense. Many blog owners complain about facing this issue. Permission of the owner is required before you can use any of their images in your blogs. It is a harmful and illegal step to take for your business. Ensure that you are using the images or photos after asking permission or you can use free non-copyright images.

6. Professional Blog Layout

People prefer using a website that has a user-friendly design. You can help your visitors to find important pages by adding a clear navigation menu. Be creative about how you can make your blog more responsive and enhance user experience so you can apply for Google AdSense in 2020. You can use WordPress and create a professional blog layout by using a variety of WordPress themes.

Apply for Google AdSense

Once you have maintained your blog by following the discussed tips above, you can now freely apply for Google Adsense. You can soon get Adsense approval for your blog. If you want to apply for Adsense, visit the sign-up page for Google Adsense and apply by filling all the required website details like contact information.

Always use true identity and documents when you are applying for Google Adsense for your blog. Ensure that you are using real, name, home address, email, and other data.


Given are the tips for blogger AdSense approval. If you follow the exact steps carefully you can surely get your account or blogs approved by Google AdSense.  These steps are pretty straightforward and you can find more by hunting on the internet.

You might have some confusion before reading this article but now your concepts are clear. We hope that your Google AdSense application was approved and you starting making an earning from your blogs. Please use the comment section below and let us know if we missed some important tips to get AdSense approval.

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