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How Online Identity Verification Can Help Telcos In The Aftermath Of COVID-19


Effects of COVID 19 on telecommunications

After-effects of COVID 19 on telcos

Impacts of COVID 19 on telecom

The aftermath of COVID 19

Online identity verification

Meta Description: Have you ever wondered what were the effects of COVID 19 on telecommunications and how online identity verification can help telcos in the aftermath of COVID-19? We will provide you some data we have summarized.

How Online Identity Verification Can Be Proved Beneficial For Telcos In The Aftermath Of COVID-19

These days technology is used widely, especially our cellphones, and we use it more to communicate with our family and friends because of the aftermath of COVID 19. Telcos play an important role when it comes to allowing this change. If we have grown our use of online platforms or use of telecommunication devices, telcos are suffering in some of the areas. The telecommunication firms which are established, possess a huge retail infrastructure that is built on purpose to attract new users in stores and outlets because of the global lockdown protocols, retails sectors are negatively Impacted.

In March T-Mobile announced that they will close about 80% of their store,  while Verizon stated they will close their store on Sundays and reduce the store working hours for other days. A limit of employees and customers will be allowed in the shop. The ability to efficiently expand their user space was certainly impacted. This is one of the impacts of COVID 19 on telecom. Adding fuel to fire, some businesses cannot provide important services to fresh customers since they require an online onboarding ability for online identity verification.

Most people aren’t aware of the effects of COVID 19 on telecommunications.So will discuss here how online identity verification can be beneficial because of the impacts of COVID 19 on telecom.

1. Telcos Engaging Customers Remotely

It doesn’t matter where are you from in the world, whenever you purchase a SIM card it requires SIM registration. A government-issued photo ID is necessary for identity verification of a new prepaid contract to prevent the possibility of identity theft and money laundering. This identity verification procedure can be carried out if you visit a SIM company outlet, but it is not possible because of the after-effects of COVID 19 on telcos.

By allowing the online identity verification facility, telcos can engage their new SIM users online easily, without following the current mandatory procedure required for verification. This online verification method can assist tell communication companies with the process of SIM  registration and the accounts of already existing users will be protected.

2. More Locations Covered To Onboard New Customers

Rather than sell and register new customers SIM cards only at a telco outlet or store, they should see their SIM cards at stalls, provide their product to a third party for sales and commission. They should allow their users for online identity verification, so they can activate their new sim cards remotely.

The advantage of using this method to approach is that the telco’s onboarding abilities are not restricted by their local infrastructure, and a telco company consisting of less than 100 retail outlets could be able to market SIM cards by thousands of third-party retail areas or SIM distribution via online. It’s a simple yet effective way to considerably increase the telco’s customer reach.

Locations like airports and vacationist attractions with a high tourist presence, there is always the need for SIM cards 24/7 via unattended stalls and booths. If this online identity verification trend was carried out any tourist can purchase a sim card from any stall or outlet and can later register the SIM sitting in a hotel remotely.

3. Purchasing Of New 4G Gadgets To Encourage Remote Sign-up

In 2020 4G network connectivity and services are required by IoT GPS tracking devices, and some of them are sold to customers directly by telcos. It doesn’t matter if you purchase these products by ordering online or at a retail store, they require a new SIM card which needs to be verified for activation. In this scenario, the user can easily carry out an online identity verification process just by operating a computer or cellphone to activate the SIM  card and can start using their purchased network device instantly.

4. The Revolution Of E-SIM

E-SIM is considered as the most latest technological advancement in the revolution of SIM cards, the latest generation cellphones of Google and Apple are manufactured with an embedded digital sim. This SIM is not designed to be removed from the phone. When it comes to online verification, eSIMs can be proved beneficial in a couple of ways, like users want to change their service provider, verification will be required again if a person traveling overseas and wants to connect to local location network for a while or even if they have lost their device or phone. Without leaving the home or any premises user should be allowed to register the embedded eSIM remotely, this is very necessary for the aftermath of COVID 19 these days.

5. Future Of Telcos

As an affects of COVID 19 on telecommunications, online customers are taking online provided service usage to a whole different level because of COVID 19 SOPS and pandemic. Grocery deliveries are being scheduled online and people are more keener to select online offers and options. They are seeking a way to maintain their accounts remotely. People are more eager to stay at home than before because the situation is turned now. Telcos can positively and securely expand their customer reach with the facility of online identity verification without visiting a retail shop. The companies who appreciated this digital change can make new records for providing better customer support.


In the article above we have explained briefly how online identity verification can help telcos in the aftermath of COVID-19.  The working mechanism and daily routine have drastically affected by the coronavirus. Impacts of COVID 19 on telecom are also discussed here. Telcos companies realized that this pandemic problem pushed the generation to rework and execute delivering services.

No doubt that online identity verification is a crucial point since we are living in 2020 and everything is going online and remote. We tried to give you some important factors and tips that can help to recover the after-effects of COVID 19 on telcos. If we missed any update make sure to give us an alert by leaving a comment.

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