Essential oils for ADHD and ADD:


It is a neuropsychological disease that often lasts through childhood and sometimes in adulthood too. ADHD, also is known as Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a mental health disorder that can cause above-normal levels of hyperactive and impulsive behavior. The people with ADHD couldn’t focus on one issue for an extended time.


ADD is known as attention deficit disorder

It is also another psychological disorder that causes abnormal behaviors in child and adults such as difficulty in focusing on social interaction And many more Students with ADD disorder may have learning disabilities that why teachers and parents consider them student or child as a lazy person Because they don’t be able to focus on their homework and failed in Assignments and quizzes.

ADD is very different than ADHD in many ways. People with ADHD may exploit problematic behaviors in school, while people living with ADD usually sit quietly and don’t interact with anyone. But there are some similarities in people living with ADD, and ADHD, such as organization, is the part of their life; their assignment and desk would always be messy.

Essential oils:

Essential oil is a concentrated form of juice that extracts from the roots, leaves stems and blossoms of plants.

Each essential oil has a different unique component that has its specific properties.

The essential oil may help to decrease anxiety, depression, and many more. It also improves sleeping patterns and physical health to such as scrapes and swellings.

The use of essential oil to treat mental and physical health is too old. the use of essential oil become quite popular in the united state in the 1980s

Essential oils to treat ADHD and ADD:

There is no scientific evidence to prove that essential oils specifically help to improve the symptoms of ADHD and ADD. In 2001 there is a small study conducted by a group of researchers to know the effects of lavender oil and vetiver oil on the symptom of ADHD and ADD. According to the results of the study, vetiver oil helps to decrease the symptoms of ADHD and ADD, but there is no specific impact of lavender oil on the disease.

 The Essential oil may not help to decrease the disease directly, but they reduce symptoms indirectly, such as by calming, quieting, and smoothening that reduce anxiety.

Here are some essential oils that help people living with ADHD and ADD.

  1. Lavender oil:
  2. Lavender oil has the property to help sleeping patterns. There is much research that is conducted by many researchers; you know the effect of lavender oil on sleep quality. What of the research that has been conducted at the University of Minnesota concluded that Levander oil improves the quality of sleep.
  3. The participants in this research inhale liver oil before sleeping for more than three weeks; the result of this experiment shows that lavender oil improved sleeping patterns by reducing the anxiety.
  4. The victims with ADHD and ADD deal with the sleeping issue as they may have to deal with anxiety and stress, so the use of lavender essential oil on them could be beneficial.
  5. Rosemary oil:
  6. After the scientific analysis of Rosemary oil, a particular chemical compound found in Rosemary oil that helps to improve the concentration of cognitive tasks, and this chemical compound is known as as1-8 cineole
  7. In a study, participants with a high amount of Rosemary in their body perform much better and feel more confident. 
  8. The use of Rosemary essential oil is beneficial for ADHD and ADD because it helped him to concentrate on the task.
  9. Vetiver oil:
  10. Vetiver oil is also known as oil of tranquility.
  11. vetiver oil helps to increase the attention of a person on one  task
  12. Different researches have proved that the participants who inhaled vetiver oil perform very well on a different task.
  13. The level of performance measured by the activity of the brain. Even a small dose of vetiver oil helps to increase the attention level in the participants
  14. Vetiver oil also beneficial for memory and learning processes.
  15. Bergamot oil:
  16. Bergamot oil has a specific chemical compound that acts as in Antidepressant.
  17. Bergamot oil also have Clary sang any ylang ylang that helps to lift the mood of a person
  18. These qualities or bergamot oil help the people living with ADHD and ADD patients In many different ways.
  19. oil:
  20. Cedarwoodoil may use as an ingredient in aromatherapy because of its sedative  qualities
  21. Cedarwood oil may help to elevate occasional insomnia. Inhaling one or two drops of oil helps to increase the sleep amount, or you can put two or three drops in hot water stop and take a bath in it.
  22. Cedarwood oil helps to promote relaxation and focus. So the  use of cedarwood is helpful for the patient of ADHD and ADD
  23. Lavender oil:
  24. Lavender oil is also known as calming soothing oil because of its properties.
  25. Lavender oil helps to soothe the anxiety.
  26. Lavender oil heads help to calm down the nerves or brain system.
  27. Because of calming properties of lavender oil is very helpful for the person with ADHD and ADD to perform well in their daily life.
  28. Frankincense oil:
  29. Frankincense oil is also known as the Bible of the oils.
  30. This oil helps to reduce anxiety and depression among people
  31. Frankincense oil also helps to increase the memory of human beings
  32. All these properties of frankincense oil are very beneficial for the patient of ADHD and ADD.
  33. This oil also helps to boost attention In the person living with ADHD and ADD.
  34. Melissa:
  35. Melissa oil has a lemon and citrus smell in it which helps to awaken the body system
  36. The potent smell of melissa oil helps to refocus the attention of ADHD and ADD.
  37. Peppermint oil:
  38. Peppermint oil helps to calm down and relax the muscles opening
  39. Most people swear by the use of peppermint oil that it helps to reduce anxiety
  40. Calming properties of peppermint oil help the person living with ADHD and ADD a lot.
  41. Lemon essential oil:
  42. Lemon essential oil helps to uplift the mood of a person.
  43. lemon oil helps to reduce anxiety more efficiently as compared to other oil
  44. lemon oil also helps to elevate depressions
  45. this effect of lemon  oil is constructive to decrease in the symptoms of ADHD and ADD.
  46. Chamomile oil:
  47. The main property of chamomile oil is, it helps to reduce anxiety and fight against depression
  48. The calming and soothing smell of chamomile oil helps to uplift the mood of a person.
  49. Ylang ylang:
  50. This oil helps to increase  the concentration By changing the mood of a person.
  51. This oil is very famous because of its floral scent..
  52. Ylang ylang have coming benefits in it.
  53. The benefits of you Lang Lang helps to improve the condition of ADHD an ad patient.

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