How to recover from Covid-19 without vaccines?

Covid 19 also known as Coronavirus is a new infectious disease that has affected more than 9 million people worldwide till now. This serious global pandemic is still expected to increase at higher rate according to the WHO and there are no vaccines made for this contagious disease yet. In case you are tested positive or suspected of being infected by this disease, there are several things that you can do to recover from Covid 19 without vaccines.

The measures to be taken and the time it takes to recover depend on various factors such as age, immunity, gender, clinical condition of patient, and the intensity of symptoms. When you are facing the initial symptoms that include dry cough, fever, headache, sore throat and body aches which are not too serious, you should be on proper bed rest, use paracetamol and other painkillers to treat fever and body aches, and drink a lot of fluids to keep yourself hydrated. This will allow the fever to settle within few days; however the cough may take some time to get better. These home remedies to recover from Covid 19 will take up to two weeks for people facing initial or mild symptoms.

After a week into the infection, some people may experience more serious symptoms of this disease which might include difficulty in breathing, extreme tiredness, feeling of nausea, excessive drowsiness, continuous coughing, and pressure on chest. In order to recover from these serious symptoms, you should immediately contact a medical provider or visit a nearby hospital. Seeking medical aid will allow you to know if you require any kind of emergency treatment. Due to the absence of any type of vaccine or treatment which is particularly approved for Coronavirus, the medical staff is using different therapies to treat these symptoms such as retroviral or anti viral medications, antibiotics, mechanical ventilation to support breathing, and effective steroids for the reduction of lung swelling.

Another important way discovered in order to recover from Covid 19 is blood plasma transfusion or plasma therapy. The procedure of this therapy requires collection of blood from people who have recovered from Covid 19 and then transfusion of the separated plasma to a patient in a critical condition. This separated plasma is the part of the blood which is clear after the red blood cells are removed. It contains proteins and antibodies that provide the serious patient a kind of passive immunity which allows him to fight this disease. However, this passive immunity lasts for only a few weeks.

The country most affected by Covid 19 is USA in which the confirmed cases are above 2 million which makes it essential for people to take proper measures in this global pandemic. In case you are not tested positive for Covid 19, it is still quite necessary for you to take precautionary measures to prevent yourself and your loved ones to get affected by this serious disease. In order to stay safe from Covid being in USA or any other country, you should stay home as much as you can, avoid going to public places, workplace, and school, and do not use public transportation. Other measures include the usage of hand sanitizers. You should sanitize your hand after coming from any public place, after and before going to market, and before touching anyone. Another important measure that you should take in order to stay safe from Covid being in USA is the usage of mask. Whenever you go out in the public place or anywhere outside, you must wear a mask, preferably N95 or surgical mask. This will reduce the risks of contracting Covid 19 as it works as a barrier between the environment and your nose preventing the infectious particles to enter your body.

Other home remedies to recover from Covid 19 include the intake of healthy food that has essential nutrients such as red bell peppers and strawberries that contain high Vitamin C, broccoli which includes antioxidants and phytochemicals, and chickpeas that contains plenty of protein. Other healthy foods that might help to recover from Covid 19 are garlic, mushrooms, spinach, yoghurt, and sunflower seeds. These healthy foods contain high amount of nutrients that makes the immune system stronger to fight this deadly disease and helps you to stay safe from Covid being in USA or any part of the world.

Along with these steps, you should also avoid touching your mouth, nose, and eyes especially when hands are not washed, avoid any kind of physical contact with anyone, and prevent being a part of any gathering. Maintaining a healthy diet, getting a proper sleep staying active, using phone or other electronic communication to contact your loved ones are other few home remedies to recover from Covid 19. Moreover, you should monitor your signs and symptoms regularly and carefully and seek health care immediately if you feel that your condition is getting critical.

If you are treating yourself at home, make sure you stay in a separate room and away from your family members, and reduce the contact as much as possible. Keep wearing a mask, and disposable gloves, and try to use disposable cutlery for eating and drinking. The most important thing is to stay positive and calm during this period. It will help your body and immune system to fight this disease in a stronger way and prevent you to get mentally tired. Remember to never lose hope and especially take care of your elders and people with low immunity. Follow these measures as well as educate others to help fight this global pandemic together.

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