How to make hair longer?

For some lucky ladies, having longer hair is not worth any effort. But, majority of us know the hard work that is required to make our hair longer and then greater effort of maintaining it. There is no one way that will promise us longer hair, but mixture of ways and products that varies with different types of hair. The length and texture of our hair depends on so many factors that you do not even notice from the type of brush you use to the hair products you apply. Given below are some various methods that can help make your longer and healthy, and also allows you to maintain them:

  • Use of oil: The way our skin needs moisturizer to stay healthy, our hair requires oil to stay thick and long. The oil helps in making hair stronger and lengthy. There are different types of natural oil that can make your hair healthy such as castor oil which is enriched with Vitamin E, minerals, and protein. It also has anti-microbial features that help in reducing dandruff and treating different scalp issues. It also helps in softening and moisturizing hair, and in the maintenance of level of moisture in the hair. Olive oil is another natural item that can make your hair healthy which is highly moisturizing for hair as it contains high amount of anti oxidants and contains oleic acid which can easily penetrate and locks the moisture in. Also, it reduces hair fall and helps in growth of hair due to its anti inflammatory properties. Other oils that you can use to make your hair stronger and lengthy are coconut oil, jojoba hair oil, argon oil, and sesame oil.
  • Type of shampoo: The shampoo you use has a great effect on the growth and strength of your hair. There are many shampoos that not make your hair silky and smooth but also promote hair growth. Garnier Fructis Long & Strong Shampoo helps in making your hair longer, healthy, and smooth due to its healthy and effective ingredients. Another shampoo to use to make your hair grow longer is Sunsilk Lusciously Thick & Long Shampoo which contains keratin yogurt and other essential nutrients. VLCC Hair Fall Repair Shampoo helps in protecting your hair from pollution by deeply penetrating into hair, and provides nourishment as it contains extracts from coconut and hibiscus.
  • Use of hair mask: Hair masks are extremely effective when treating damaged hair and to promote hair growth. There are many easy to make hair masks that can allow you to grow your longer and thicker. Mixture of cinnamon and organic coconut oil makes a great hair mask which strengthens your hair follicles, and treats your hair loss. The combination of antimicrobial properties of cinnamon and nourishment of coconut oil proves to be extremely effective in making your hair grow longer and stronger.
  • Avoid daily shampoo: Shampooing your hair on daily basis can result in your scalp being ridden of all natural oils. Therefore, you should shampoo after two or three days depending on the rate of sebum produced by your hair. It will allow your hair to retain its natural oils and maintain its moisture level which will result in making your hair stronger and longer.
  • Foods for hair growth: Keeping a healthy diet and intake of essential and right nutrients can have a great impact on the growth of your hair. They are several foods that contain nutrients required for healthy and lengthy hair such as eggs. It is a great source of biotin and protein that promotes hair growth and not only makes your hair grow longer but also prevents grey hair. Berries are also known for making your hair grow longer as it is enriched with vitamin C and contains anti oxidant properties. Avocados also prove to be effective for hair growth as it contains vitamin C and E, and other essential fatty acids. Other foods that can make your hair longer include nuts, seeds, sweet peppers, oysters, spinach, and fatty fish.
  • Use conditioner: Conditioner proves to be quite beneficial for our hair as it prevent hair from towel damage and keeps your hair silky and nourished. You should always condition your hair after shampoo which will keep your hair strong and long.
  • Avoid heating: Using heating styling tools excessively can damage your hair and cause them to get weaker and rough. Always apply heat protectant if the use of heat is must. Constant use of heat can result in hair loss and making your hair rough and frizzy.
  • Regular trimming: Even though getting your hair trimmed is opposite to making them longer, it has a great effect on the growth of your hair. If you want grow your hair longer, get a trim regularly and frequently as it helps you get rid of split ends and maintains the volume and health of your hair.
  • Avoid dying your hair: As much as you like trying new colors on your hair, the damage it causes can sometimes be irrecoverable. The chemicals used in dyes can cause your hair to become extremely dry and rough and also results in the loss of natural color. It also cause in the loss of shine and smoothness of your hair.

Following these simple and easy steps can help you make your hair grow longer. Using these natural items make your hair healthy and thicker and are also easy available and cheaper than some chemical products used for hair growth. The time it takes for your hair to grow depends on the texture of your hair. Also, the main thing is to maintain the health of your hair by getting regular hair massage and keeping a balanced diet.

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