How to make bones and body strong

Minerals are incorporated into our bones during childhood and early adulthood . At the age of 30 , we may achieve peak bone mass. The bone loss may occur in life , if enough bone mass is not created during this time . it may cause the development of fragile bones that breaks easily . Fortunately , we can build strong bones and maintain as well by following the instructions of nutrition and lifestyle habit . Bones can be make strong by following different methods and techniques like by taking right variety of food like calcium rich food , by performing exercise daily and so on . We will discuss about the techniques individually .
By Adopting Healthy Eating Habit

  1. Eat lots of vegetables :
    Consuming a high diet in vegetables has been help in creating healthy bones during
    childhood and protect bone mass in adults and older especially in women .
  2. Consuming enough protein :
    A low protein intake can lead to bone loss , while a high protein intake can protect
    bone health during aging and weight lose .
  3. Eating high-calcium food :
    That kind of food must be consumed everyday to protect bone health .
  4. Getting plenty of Vitamin D and K ;
    These supplements are needed to get in adequate amount from food for protecting
    bone health .
  5. Avoiding low calorie diet :
    Consume a balanced diet with at least 1200 calorie daily to preserve bone health
  6. Taking a collagen supplements :
    Supplementing with collagen may help preserve bones health by reducing collagen
    breakdown .
  7. Maintaining Healthy weight ;
    Being too thin or too heavy can negatively effect bones ., a stable weight can help in
    preserving bone density .
  8. Taking high magnesium and Zinc food :
    They play key roles in achieving peak bone mass during childhood and it also helps to
    maintain bone density during aging .
  9. Consuming food high in Omega-3 fats :
    These fatty acids have been found to promote the formation of new bone and fight
    against bone loss in older adults.
    By Performing Exercise Daily
    Exercise may help you build and maintain strong bones. One of the best activity for bones
    health is weight-bearing or high-impact exercise, which may help in promoting the formation of
    new bines . In addition , it can be extremely beneficial for preventing bone loss in adults .
    Strength training exercise is not only beneficial for increasing muscle mass .It may also help in
    protecting against bone loss in younger and older age .
    Home Remedies To Make Bones Strong
  10. Magnesium is a vital component for strengthening , preserving and rebuilding bones .
    One can get 50mg of magnesium by eating 2 tablespoons of peanut butter.
  11. One can build strong bones by eating banana as it is a great source of potassium . It
    has ability to keep blood healthy and balanced so that the body will not be needed to
    stuck calcium from the skeleton.
  12. Vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium and it can easily be taken by slathering a
    teaspoon of low trans fatty margarine on a toast on daily basis .
  13. As we all know that , milk is the main source for getting large amount of calcium. One
    cup of milk contains , 300mg of the 1000-1200 total mg of required calcium . It is
    recommended to have everyday.
  14. Those people who are lactose intolerants can eat yogurt and get the benefits of high
    calcium content . It should be eaten with fresh fruit and can be used as sour cream in
    recipes .
    How To Protect Bones To Break
    Osteoporosis is a health condition that weakens bones , making them fragile and more likely
    to break .It develops slowly over several year and is only diagnosed when a fall or sudden
    impact causes fracture.It is not usually painful until a bone is broken ,but broken bones in the
    spines are a common cause of long-term pain. Many factors can increase the risk of
    developing osteoporosis , including ;
    ● Taking high dose asteroids for more than 3 months
    ● Heavy drinking and smoking
    ● Eating disorder such as anorexia and bulimia
    ● Some medical conditions
    ● Having low body mass
    ● Not exercising regularly
    For preventing Osteoporosis
    One should take the steps to keep bones healthy . This may include ;
    ● Taking regular exercise
    ● Giving up smoking and reducing alcohol consumption
    ● Healthy eating , containing food rich in calcium and vitamin D
    For preventing Fracture
    Many of us have fallen or broken a bone at some point in our lives Accidents happen all of the
    time and when these accidents result in a bone fracture , the way to recovery could be a long
    one . These injuries often require additional treatment , such as physical therap Exercising
    regularly will strengthen our muscles and improve balance , which will make us stronger and
    help to avoid falls .
    How To Make Strong Broken Bones
    Healing a broken bone takes time and depends on several factors including ; age , overall
    health , nutrition , blood flow , and treatment . Following steps may help in making broken
    bones strong .
  15. Stop Smoking :
    However , this is much clear that the patient who smoke , have much longer average
    time for healing . Smoking alters the blood flow to the bones and that blood flow
    delivers the necessary nutrients and cells to allow the bones , heal .
  16. Eat a balanced diet :
    Patients with injuries eat the balanced diet and ensure adequate nutritional intake of all
    food groups. If you break a bone , make sure eat the balanced diet so that the bone
    can get the necessary nutrition to make full recovery .
  17. Watch your calcium :
    Its absolutely true that calcium is needed to heal faster . but remember excessive
    amount of calcium taking , will not help in healing. Ensure the recommended dose of
    calcium should be consumed . :
  18. Augmenting Fracture Healing :
    Most often , electrical devices are not too helpful in accelerating fracture
    healing.However in difficult situations , these may be helpful to aid in the healing of
    broken bones .

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