How to go for painless delivery without C section

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What is a C-Section ?
A Cesarean section is a procedure for delivering a baby through abdominal and uterine
incisions . It is sometime scheduled in advance for various pregnancy complications such as
blood pressure etc .
Disadvantages of having C-Section
As compared to a woman having vaginal delivery , woman who has C-section has to stay in
hospitals longer days on average. C-section can cause a risk of blood loss and infection .It
also increases the risk for more physical complaints during delivery as it can cause long
lasting soreness .
Following risk might face after having C-Section.
● Development of the line of uterus
● Postpartum hemorrhage
● Reactions to Anesthesia
● Blood clots
● Wound infection
● Surgical injury
● Increase risk during future pregnancies
The achievement of possible painless delivery
Labour pain is rated as severe by most women who do not get pain relief supplements and
ability of techniques like wise surgery , painless delivery is impossible without anaesthesia .A
painless normal delivery can be achieved by administering an epidural anaesthesia to mother
during labour . The anaesthesia can stop the pain in a particular part of the body .To
experience a painless delivery , the anaesthesia is injected to the lower back part of the
mother .It allows her to be comfortable throughout the process of childbirth and saves from
severe labour pain.
According to the doctors , epidurals are safe for both mother and the baby . It saves mother
from exhaustion and irritability . It makes her comfort and relax and focus on labour but it can
also cause unwanted side effects like any medical intervention.
What is an Epidural ?
Epidurals are used to decreased or elevate pain during labour to make the procedure easy
and painless . Epidurals are among the most frequently used forms of pain relief . It is
important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this approach to childbirth
before going to hospital .Epidural anesthesia can reduce the incidence of postoperative
pulmonary , thromboembolic and cardiac complications . It’s an injection , the pain relieving
shot for pregnant women when they are giving birth .It has other uses too but we will it
according pregnancy . it is the most popular method for pain relief during labour .More than
50% of women giving birth at hospital by using epidural anaesthesia
The goal of an epidural is to .provide pain relief , rather than anesthesia ,which can cause total
lack of feeling . Epidural blocks the nerve impulses from the lower spinal segments . 1-2 liters
of IV fluids might be accepted through labour and delivery .
Benefits of Epidural Anesthesia
● It allows to have rest , if labour is prolonged .
● It can help to deal with exhaustion and fatigue .
● It can allow you to get focused on giving birth as an active participant in birth
● Women have positive birth experience , by reducing discomfort .
● It helps to stay alert and remain active.
● It provides potential for a painless delivery .
Epidurals can cause a sudden drop of blood pressure . The blood pressure is monitored
throughout labour and delivery to ensure adequate blood flow to the baby and mother as well .
If the blood pressure drops , oxygen , fluids and medication might be needed .
Procedure of painless delivery
Motherhood is the most valuable and charming moment in a women’s life . One one side its
the delight of bringing forth a baby while on the other hand ,there is the dread of labour pains
especially , if the woman is going for first pregnancy , the intense pain she experiences during
childbirth can be severe and unbearable . However , with advancements in medicine , they
have the option to choose for pain relief method and enjoy the experience of childbirth .
During the process of painless childbirth , medication is delivered through a catheter , a very
thin , flexible , hollow tube . The mother will be given IV fluids or intravenous before having the
epidural then the mother will be instructed to arch her back while sitting up . The effectiveness
of epidural can be increased and any tissue could be preventing by this position . The mother
will get lower back be injected after wiping the waistline with an antiseptic solution with a local
anesthesia . A needle is then injected into the numbed region around spinal cord on the
lower back When the torment and pain are more, the mother secrets more hormones which
may cause irritation and distress to the child .Anesthesia help them from pain and torment
hence both mother and child can be comfortable . After threading into the epidural area , the
needle is then removed and catheter is taped . The catheter is used to inject the epidural
anesthesia during labour . During pregnancy , the drug is administrated as required which
numbs the pelvis and the particular region below it . However the mother remain conscious .
The mother can watch and feel the baby delivery by experiencing little to no pain . With the
painless delivery methods , undesirable and pointless cesareans can be avoided .However it
can cause pain , backache , dizziness or shivering . An epidural is likely to cause numbness
in the lower part of mother’s body after delivery . She may need help while walking because of
numb feeling .
Who should have painless procedure
Doctors advice women for painless birth delivery in certain cases. It can be recommended for
mothers in the following cases .
● If the mother is suffering from prior , prolonged and complicated labour , then to
provide relief for both mother and baby , the doctor advice for painless delivery .
● If the mother has certain medical condition like preeclampsia , hypertension or heart
conditions .
● The doctor advices vaginal birth , if the mother had cesarean in her previous delivery
for the subsequent one .
Epidural anesthesia can be provided safely in appropriate patients , undergoing major surgery
As a result of pain relied , a number of proven benefits are offered. It has not been
convincingly shown to alter postoperative mortality . It has been shown to reduce the
incidence of serious complications and improve the quality of patient recovery . In addition , it
provides excellent analgesia , that is a major concern of patients and demonstrated in all the
major trials .

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