Skin is delicate, and unfortunately, not tons of individuals take excellent care of theirs. If your skin is looking dull or dry, you would possibly not be getting enough vitamins or water; you would possibly even be sleeping on the incorrect sort of pillowcase! Fortunately, learning the way to the lookout of your skin is straightforward and straight forward, and therefore the resulting healthy, glowing complexion is well worth the effort!

                                                 Breathe Clean Air

Heavy pollution, cigarette smoke, and artificial fragrances can really impact skin health. They will form harmful free radicals and cause skin irritations. If you can’t avoid these, help repair your skin with nontoxic products. Natural, organic face wash, and products with antioxidants can help undo the damage to your skin. Clean, fresh air helps us relax and reduces stress.

                                                   Use a Moisturizer

Using a moisturizer a day is vital for each skin type whether it’s dry, oily, mature, combination, or acne-prone. Proper moisturizing helps prevent dry, flaky skin and keeps skin cells working at their best. This will help prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming. Our Citrine Complete Botanical Treatment may be a moisturizer and serum in one special product that hydrates and nourishes the skin. Intensive Eye Repair, with black cumin oil, is often used on any wrinkles and features on the face that requires a touch of extra care.

                                  Limit your time outside

Yes, use sunscreen except for the non-product part of it: it’s time to play hide and seek. An estimated 90 percent of skin aging is caused by the sun, specifically for people with lighter skin and to not mention the even scarier risk of skin burn. Considering that’s a reasonably huge number, it’s best to limit your sun exposure or seek shade when hanging out.

Similarly, don’t forget to guard your eyes where you can’t apply sunscreen too! Squinting doesn’t exactly protect your eyes and if you enforce doing the peering exercise, you’ll find yourself developing more lines and wrinkles around your eye and forehead area.

                            Sleep on a Silk or Satin Pillowcase

While you can’t rub a wrinkle into your skin, you’ll cause them while sleeping! If you’re a side sleeper, you’ll be smoothing your face into your pillow, putting friction between the skin and fabric. This creates creases which may end in wrinkles since we sleep for a protracted period of your time.

But if you sleep on a silk pillowcase, the material allows your skin to “slip,” minimizing the prospect of making wrinkles. It’s also great for hairs.

                                       Drink Water

Our skin needs water. Beverage feeds the skin from within. Dehydrated skin can look dull, be itchy and dry, and make lines more noticeable. It also can enhance dark areas around your eyes and nose. Drinking many glasses of water keeps skin hydrated and may give your skin a healthy glow. Eating fruits and vegetables, exercising and restful sleep can all help keep skin hydrated too.

While drinking water doesn’t directly hydrate the skin it does help all of the body systems function better. It aids the liver in eliminating toxins from the body, reduces puffiness, and helps with kidney function (which successively helps dark circles appear lighter

                                  Less Use of Sugar

Sometimes the skin takes a short time to catch up to how we felt or what we ate last week. If your energy source is primarily added sugar and refined carbohydrates, you would possibly start seeing the consequences of that on your skin. After all, an excessive amount of the one thing strains the body and skin. An excessive amount of exfoliating acids may strip your skin’s protective barrier, a bit like an excessive amount of sugar may cause a surge in insulin (the hormone produced by the pancreas that regulates the quantity of sugar wit h in the blood).This process produces an enzyme that attaches to collagen fibers breaking them down and causing them to lose strength and adaptability.

                                         Focus on Your Diet:

If you’re noticing your skin becoming more susceptible to sun damage, a loss of elasticity, acne production, and more arrivals the wrinkles and features department, sign up with yourself what’s driving your diet and may you’re taking back control? Addressing stress, for instance, may help revive the brain energy you would like for creating home-cooked meals. Studies show that your acne gets better or worse supporting what your ladies-related diet is related to.

                         Don’t Pick and Don’t Touch Your Face

While it’s tempting to squeeze a pimple, you’ll create tons more lasting damage to the skin than that instant gratification is worth. First, there’s a kind of acne called acne pigmentation, which is caused by friction from touching the face and pushing oil and bacteria back to the pore.

Secondly, picking and squeezing may result in a scar or brown spot called post hyperpigmentation pigmentation. You’ll prefer handling scarring over acne, but either-or and either or scenario. You’ll live without both!

         Shower and wash your face with lukewarm water (not hot!)

Sebum (oil) in our skin features a wax-like consistency and uses a predicament to scrub our face or shower with essentially “melts” the oil stripping the skin of much-needed moisture.

Lukewarm is best because it allows our oils to warm up a touch allowing a correct cleanse without completely stripping it. Keep at massaging your skin for a full minute to form the foremost out of your cleanser!

                                   Wash your makeup brushes

Besides old makeup, of course, bacteria, oil, dust, and sweat accumulate on our makeup brushes. If not cleaned regularly all that junk is actually smeared around your face during each makeup application. This will cause inflammation, clogged pores, and acne. Its best practice to wash your makeup brushes weekly

Washing your face removes the dirt and oils (and yes, bacteria) that accumulate and make your pores appear larger. Our faces excrete oils in the dark and even the cleanest pillows still have touch dirt. You ought to wash your face once you awaken to get rid of the dirt and oils. Wash your face again before bed to get rid of makeup and dirt from the day. You ought to also wash your face after you sweat or compute. Use a mild, natural face wash. 

                                 Find ways to manage stress

When we’re stressed or anxious, our bodies release a hormone called cortisol. This hormone activates our flight or fight response (which may be a good thing!) but constant stress keeps this response on fatigued overdrive (yep, a nasty thing).

Specifically to our skin, increased levels of cortisol can cause us to lose our glow by diminishing the skin’s ability to retain moisture and inspiring an overproduction of oils. High level put cortisol puts a damper on your skin’s moisture levels, causing address and a gray , dull look causes a rebound production of oil, which may cause acne premature wrinkle and line development redness and inflammation inflame and exacerbate skin c conditions like  eczema, and psoriasis.

 If that wasn’t enough, once you feel anxious or worried, you would possibly notice redness or puffiness in your face. This is often a result of increased blood flow, like dilated blood vessels right underneath the surface of your skin.


We all know that getting our sweat on is great for our entire body, but it also has some skin benefits also .When we move, we circulate our blood which carries oxygen and nutrients to all or any of our cells. Not only does this provide a momentary glow, but it also helps our skin to repair itself faster. Another perk to exercise is it helps to scale back stress and, in turn, reduce cortisol levels.

                            Avoid being around cigarette smoke:

When tobacco is heated via cigarettes or maybe, yes, it releases free radicals that damage the DNA of skin cells. This leads to the break w n of collagen.It also constricts blood vessels which deplete much-needed much needed oxygen, vitamins, and nutrients. When that puff of toxic smoke is exhaled it hits the skin on the face and may cause blackheads,around ocularly round the mouth and cheek areas.

Over time this results in accelerated aging, dehydration, dark circles, broken blood vessels, and an overall dull-looking complexion. Studies also indicate that smokers heal slower than non-smokers. Meaning once you do get a pimple it can take longer to heal which may cause post hyperpigmentation pigmentation

                                            Beauty Sleep

We need 7 to 9 hours of restful sleep at night. Sleep is important for our bodies to rev, I, ve, rejuvenate and repair. “Beauty Sleep” may be a real McCoy. Our skin produces new collagen once we sleep. 

Beauty sleep is the real deal! While we slumber our bodies heal and regenerate cells. Sleep decreases the strain hormone cortisol which is liable for skin discoloration, thinning skin, and stretch marks. For the great stuff, sleep also increases the sleep hormone melatonin which acts as an antioxidant to fight fine lines, wrinkles, and carcinoma .While snoozing we also produce new collagen which helps keep our face looking plump and wrinkle-free.  


  • Use a face wash and moisturizer suitable for your skin type. Different skin types have different needs.
  • Consider using a lighter moisturizer within the summer, and a heavier, extra-moisturizing one in the winter.
  • Keep your skincare routine simple. The more complex it’s, the more likely you’ll have a reaction. Also, some ingredients may cancel one another out.

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