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Do you know? The most powerful tool that exist, is your “Fork”. It tends to change your Health, Environment and the entire World! The food that you eat really matters. You know what? Food is not just calories, it is information that goes to your gene and talk to your DNA and tells it what to do!

In this mobile world there is a rush. Everyone is busy in earning. They have indulged so much in their earnings for their lifestyle that they don’t have time to take care of their eating habits and maintain their health. While earning they have forgotten their actually purpose of working because they are running in a race where everyone is competing for the best lifestyle. They have such busy schedules that they don’t have time often for a proper breakfast or sometimes for a proper lunch and also seldom for the proper dinner.

Moreover, people are also lacking knowledge. They need to have more awareness about the fact that only full-filling their hunger is not enough, what they are filling in their tummies is also an important fact, in fact the most important. Everyone knows that we can die out of starving but no one focuses that people are also dying because of consuming wrong food products. This is because they do not bother what they are eating. Do you know that in USA about 48 Million of case of food poisoning are reported each year, Yes! 48 Million, is that a small figure? You know why we got that number because people don’t pay attention to their diets. Some don’t have time to make food for themselves and opt buying junk food and some do not want to invest their money buying healthy ingredients, fruits, meat, vegetables, etc. because they want it to be spent on the thing that can be showed off like clothes, accessories, home, cars, etc. so that that they can compete well with one another. Believe it if you will keep good food in your refrigerator you are going to eat good.

There also exists a category where people love to eat. They keep on eating and eating and even some of them develop bulimia nervosa. Moreover, this young generation loves to outside foods. What matters for them is satisfying their taste buds but they don’t realize what kind of fuel they are filling in their engines.

People just think that eating would be enough so that they won’t get sick or die but they do not understand that if you are eating bad food you are actually shortening your lifespan. If you ask why? Then, it is because with these junk food or unhealthy food you are really giving birth to diseases inside your body which will gradually takes you to the stage of death. Is that junk food really that bad? Yes, it is very bad. But How? you agree that most fast foods or junks are fried, and here is the biggest disaster. One reason of increasing rates of heart attacks is this oily food because it really effects your heart and increases your cholesterol and there is high fat deposition. Moreover, the oil used is not change after each 2 to 3 days and also it is not discarded when reached its smoke point instead the frying is done at high temperatures which maximize the chances of oil to reach above it smoke point which will start producing acrolein that will produce an acrid smell on its production and is a carcinogenic substance. Withal frying, food products that are either backed or roasted acryl amide is formed which is produced due to high-temperature cooking and it is a neuro – toxin, reproductive toxin and carcinogenic. Except these the outside food is also unhygienic as micro-organism must have encountered it due to its exposure to the environment. However, foodborne viruses cause illness in human which can be explained by the changes in food processing and consumption patterns leading to high risk – food. This may result in vast outbreaks only because of single handler or sources. The most common syndromes of foodborne viruses are gastroenteritis and hepatitis.

Boost the health

Scared? No need to be just some simple precautions and care and you will be prevented. You have to be cautious. You are the one who need to care about your health. When you have wealth but do not have health i.e. resulting in your decreasing your life, then what is the benefit of this money? Then how are you going to enjoy it. A person should know what should be his priority. You should find a balance among health and lifestyle and thus lead a healthy lifestyle. As Josh Billings quoted;

“Health is like Money we never have a true idea of its Value until we Lose it.”

No one is prohibiting you eat outside foods for ever but the thing is your body does not allow you to keep eating deleterious food often. That’s a human nature that controlling oneself specially towards something that is very appealing is the most difficult job; I agree that it really taste delicious, by only looking at the food your mouth starts watering and even the aroma is going to hypnotize you but trust me nothing is impossible if we try. It isn’t that you have to leave this outside food, you have to just reduce the intake.

Most importantly, everyone should be aware. They should have knowledge about food, their benefits, hazards and everything which according to me is the most significant topic that really helps in your life. Instead of just scrolling, watching videos, texting, etc. you can invest your time on reading some good articles that will help killing your time and also would be really fruitful. And person who is not ready to get acknowledged then unfortunately he is going to dig his grave with his very own knife and fork.

So, I request everyone just once have look on your diet today, it won’t take much long, so that you can make it better for good and remember; Think Before You Eat! because “You Are What You Eat”. 


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