Legitimate Methods to Earn Money Online 100$ in an hour

Legitimate ways to earn money online

Do you have wish to earn money online? Making money is something very hard and does not earn if one does not proper skills. Money making is something very important that runs in mind of most of the people around the world.

We are earning some bucks while doing some jobs and employment is not for everyone. Those who are employed, earning salaries, but unfortunately, the salary spent within no time through monthly groceries, household expenditure, bills, family expenses, etc.

Expenses cannot be ignored at all, and very important.

If we are out of budget and need to buy something in a month, not possible, we have to wait for next month. We must have some money saving around us so that we buy something with it.

Instant methods to earn money online?

You can make quick money through many jobs. However, you can make money through some valuable gigs that offered from you. But these are called side gigs, which cannot be handle quickly. You can make 200$ only with the gigs. So, if someone says you a side gig and offers you 2000$ don’t trust him at all because it will be fake.

Now lets dive into online earning ways downwards…

Ways to earn money online

Earn money from postmates

Postmates is the best way to earn money easily, in you leisure time, visit food stores, grocery stores, and pick order and deliver it. This is one of the best side gig that one can do because it is having flexible schedule.

It supports cars, bikes, earn as much money as you needed and deliver whenever you want it.

  • Register on postmates
  • They will check your background
  • Upon successful verification, now they will send you delivery bag and prepaid card to buy things that you will deliver later.
  • Start delivering
  • Keep 100% earning amount with you

Earn 30 $ an hour with postmates

Another way to earn money without investment is:


Doordash is similar app and platform like postmates, to deliver food in 320+ countries in USA. Now with the arrival of COVID-19, you can deliver food and groceries to people staying at home.


It is a survey site that pay when members take part in the surveys. This app helps in making brands popular by understanding the interests. The surveyjunkie has 4.5 stars rating and million of users taking part in it.

One survey can cost you 1 to 20 $ per survey. Fewer efforts are needed to make high amount of money. Earnings can be getting in paypal account easily.


A survey taking website that allows you to take part in the surveys and redeem vouchers easily. It is same like survey junkie, easy surveys can be filled. Lifepoints pays 1$ to 10$ for each complete survey. Get an instant bonus of 10$ when sign up.


This is one of the legitimate ways to earn money online. It gives you money when you search 20 searches on this search engine. But in order to achieve 1 $, you have to search 100 valid searches into search engine.

You can earn money through swagbucks by playing games, watching videos, get your money back while shopping online, taking part legitimate surveys.

There is a bonus if you are regular active user of 100$ per month. Get 5$ in your credit card by sign up.

Now earn money from home without doing anything online

There is an app called as Nielsen app that pays you 50$ per year just keeping it installed into your phone.

It monitors browser history and estimate internet usage behavior using machine learning and artificial intelligence.


it is another survey site by testing products and giving reviews of the products. This website gives you seven dollars for testing each product. Pinecone sends products to your home and you test them and write a quality review for it.

There is another option that you can keep this product with you after testing. However, they do not give products on daily basis. Cash out is from paypal and gift cards are also available.

Sell your skills of proofreading

Are you perfect at English grammar?

Yes, you can get extra money by finding mistakes in documents, emails and other important documents. This opportunity pays you almost 65632$ a year

Signup for this to course learn how to proofread easily.

Invest money with Acorns

Acorns is the best ever investment app that helps to grow the savings. It is very simple app, just you need to register on this app and link your credit card. For example, if you buy a coffee for 3.4$ then after profit you will get 0.60$ into your future investment of money.


Now you can sell your old CDs, DVDs, VCDs and games that are not useful at all. You can easily list your items along with customize pricing and make mostly stuff easily.


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