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Social Distancing – Solution to Prevent From Corona – COVID-19

Corona virus spreading all over the world, its because of bad bacteria called as COVID-19. Now its time to stay away from your loved ones if you want them to be healthy. Some people will face mild to moderate attacks after becoming victim of corona virus. Elder people who are suffering from cancer, heart diseases (cardiovascular illness), cancer, and other diseases will be ill severely. It discharge from the nose or saliva of the mouth, just zipped up the mouth and try to clean nose and mouth every 30 minutes.


  • Wash your hands after 10 minutes to avoid corona virus on your hands
  • Going out? wash your clothes after arrival at home
  • Wash your shoes after coming back to home
  • Avoid going into the crowd and do not go into rushy areas
  • Brush your teeth and use mouth wash after two hours
  • Drink ten glasses of water in order to remove corona virus from your throat
  • Wear gloves and mask on first priority
  • Clean the rooms
  • Use detol in case sanitizer is not available
  • Corona spread through shake hand- avoid it
  • Do not sleep with your partner – Corona virus can be at your bed sheet, remove it now and wash
  • Refrain from smoking while corona virus exist


Dry cough




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