What is the Difference between Panini Press and Sandwich Maker?

A lot of people confuses the Panini Press with the Sandwich maker but the fact is that the sandwich makers are really different than the Panini Press. If you are not aware of the differences between the two then you must go through the points below to understand the difference between the Panini Press and Sandwich Maker

  • Panini Press basically havea heavy weight on the top plate as it is meant to squish the Panini properly whereas the sandwich maker would not have a heavy weight on the top plate.
  • Both the Panini Press as well as the Sandwich maker usually has a hinge to close the plates but as per a general observation, there is some Panini press which does not have hinges. This is mainly because the weight of the top plate is enough to compress the Panini
  • Panini Press offers a lot of flexibility in the kitchen as they can also be used for grilling the meat or the cheese. You can also grill vegetables or egg on a Panini Press but you can’t do this in case of sandwich makers. You will prefer this https://www.cookwarejunkies.com/best-panini-press/ look once.
  • Most of the sandwich makers would only heat and toast the sandwich bread slightly whereas Panini Press can grill the Panini sandwich properly. Panini Press also combines the ingredients because of the weight of the top plate.
  • Most of the Panini Press comes with a temperature adjust and this is not a very common feature in sandwich makers. In addition to this, Panini Press takes a little longer than the sandwich maker to heat up and make amazing sandwiches for you.

So, if you would like to have a little flexibility in your kitchen and if you are a fan of cooking then you must opt for Panini Press over Sandwich maker.