Valentine’s Week 2018 List, Schedule, Date and Day

Almost all the young people and even teenagers wait for this week marking the beginning of the spring season. It is the Valentine’s week. We are sharing the list schedule and dates for Valentine’s Week 2018 so that you can mark your calendars accordingly and treat your beloved ones in the best way you can.

Date Days Importance
Wednesday Feb-7-2018 Rose day Greet your lover with beautiful red rose.
Thursday Feb-8-2018 Propose day Do you have crush on someone? Today is the right day to let the person know your feelings.
Friday Feb-9-2018 Chocolate day More than a dessert, chocolate can bring you closer to the one you love. Do gift one to her!
Saturday Feb-10-2018 Teddy day Teddies are universal love gifts which women prefer the most. Buy her a cutie soft teddy.
Sunday Feb-11-2018 Promise day Commitments are important in love and so should be promises.
Monday Feb-12-2018 Hug day Probably the most important way to express your love. Today is the day when you can show your affection.
Tuesday Feb-13-2018 Kiss day Another passionate expression of love. Kiss your partner and express this passion.
Wednesday Feb-14-2018 Valentine Day Today is the final day to prove your love. Dinner, gifts, and whatever you can, do it to please her.

The week begins with Rose Day and ends with the Valentine’s Day. All throughout the year you had been busy and could not express your love to your partner. This is the week for her. Take her out and feel the love. Happy Valentine’s week