7 Best Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas for your Girlfriend

Do you feel shy and want to express your feelings to your lady love? Valentine’s day is the perfect day to share your views and feelings. It’s a day where you can celebrate your love relationship with your girlfriend. There are many ways of making her happy and letting her feel special. So, let us look at the best proposal ideas for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

Keep it Simple

This is one of the basic and simple rules that you need to follow. Be the way you are. Do not pretend to be someone. Keep the conversation simple and natural and speak through your heart. Every girl dreams of having a guy who can understand her and pamper her.


Spend some quality time with your lady love. Take her out for a romantic candle light dinner on Valentine’s day. The perfect ambience makes a great difference and helps in rekindling the magic of love. You can also prepare a special poem or saying that can impress her.

Memorable destination

Place of proposal makes a great difference. Take your lady love to a the same place where you met first time. This can make her feel that you understand her and also pamper her. You can recreate the same magical moment and also surprise her with special gift.

Picnic to an Exotic destination

If you want to make the day special, take her out to an exotic destination and propose her. Make her day special by proposing her and make her feel special. Destination definitely plays an important role and therefore decide for a place where you both can spend quality time.

Proposal by Radio

This is one of the most unique idea of proposing a girl. Send her a message across the city’s radio channel. If you know which radio station your girlfriend’s listens to then you can simply call your local radio station and just send her a message across.

Banner proposal

This is another great idea of proposing the girl of your dreams. Surprise her in the morning by displaying a banner and your special proposal line. You can customize the banner with her name printed along with a photograph of you both. Besides, a flying banner is another great option. In addition, you can express your feeling through poems or quotes that can be printed on it.

Create a Video

If you have many pictures of you both then you can simply collage the pictures and create a video. You can use video editor and create a high quality video and also add romantic song in the background.

Propose her with a ring

Valentine's Day Proposal Ideas for your Girlfriend

Get her a ring with precious stone and surprise her with it. Bend down on your knees and say a romantic line that would make her feel special.

So, implement these ideas and make her day memorable and special. These are the best ways of proposing your ladylove on Valentine’s Day.