6 Best Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas for your Boyfriend

Valentine’s day is a special day for the couple. Indeed it is one of the most special days that you can celebrate with your ladylove. If you waited all the year for your guy to propose you and you are still waiting, then look no further than valentine’s day. Propose your man on this special and in unique way.

Valentine's Day Proposal

Let us look at some of the ideas that you can implement and propose your boyfriend on Valentine’s day.

1. Emotional way

If you think guys are tough and strong, then you may think again. Guys are very emotional although they may not express their feelings, emotions always work out. You can spend some quality time with your boyfriend on this special day and propose him using few emotional lines.

2. Poem or speech

Girls are creative and so think of proposing your boyfriend through a poem or a speech. You can write down a poem or a small speech and propose him in a unique way.

3. Propose while you are alone

Make the day special and memorable. Propose your boyfriend when you are alone and make the day memorable for him as well. Just pamper him throughout the day and end the day by proposing him. Make the moment special and personal by just being both of you. Spend some quality time with him and propose him using a unique idea.

4. Propose him with simplicity

Most of the boys in general adore simple girls and those who are down to earth. So keep it simple. Do not overdress on this special occasion. You can wear a dress that your boyfriend has gifted you or wear something in which he admires you. Besides, be yourself and propose him with simple but emotional words that can flatter him. Simplicity is the charming element that you can use while proposing.

5. Record a voice

Thiscan not only be a creative way but also a cherishable way of proposing your boyfriend. If you are scared to propose him directly by looking straight into his eyes, then this option is best suited for you. Record a CD sharing your best moments that you have spend together. You can also propose him via a song and record it on a CD. You can gift him this CD on Valentine’s day and ask him to listen to it while he is alone.

6. Go on your Knees

If you believe that girls are equal to boys in this tech savvy world, then go down on your knees and propose him for a marriage. This option will definitely do wonders for you. Just surprise by going down on your knees and propose him using some popular romantic movie dialogues. He will surely admire this idea and also remember it for lifetime.

These are few best ideas of proposing your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. make the day special and unique for both of you.