9 Best New Year’s Party Celebration Ideas for Office

Not everyone is lucky to spend time with their families and friends on the New Year. Many would still be at work on the New Year’s eve and the companies and employees themselves arrange for great celebrations at office itself which makes their work atmosphere more positive.  The team bonding between the employee’s increases and relationships improve.  The only thing that you are going to miss in an office celebration is the drinks. But otherwise, the fun is always there.


This is a great way to celebrate, especially when you want employees to have a more social bonding among them. Everyone is supposed to bring one food item prepared by him and hence there are around more than 20 food items if you are a group of similar strength. This is more popular during Thanksgiving but probably the best idea for a New Year’s party at office.

Musical Chair Game

New Year's Party Celebration Ideas for Office

This is a traditional game played in almost every birthday party, almost everyone in the world.  The fun is not always for the children and this can be another great game to be played at the New Year party.

Casino games

This is only if your office Human Resource Department allows. Rent poker tables and have fun with coins in your pocket. You do not need to spend your entire year’s salary on this but just for fun you can take risks with a few coins.

The Spoon-ball game

Arrange a few people in a line.  Give them a spoon and a table-tennis ball each. Place the ball on the spoon and ask them to hold spoon in their mouth. Get them to race and see who reaches first without dropping the ball. It is a real fun. Try it once!

Halloween like party

Don’t limit yourself with ideas that costume parties can be only for Halloween. Organize a costume party as according to the theme that is chosen by everyone’s consent. This can be a great fun especially when you are partying in office for New Year.


To play this, you only need two groups and a thick long rope. Also known as a rope war, this game requires each group to pull the entire length of the rope towards their end. This is so old and sport that no one actually knows its origin. You don’t have to worry about all that, just go ahead and organize it and it is going to be amusing.

Truth and Lie game

Each person will speak three different lines. Two of them are going to be true and one would be false. You have to pick out the one he is lying about. Also known by the name Two truths and a lie, this game can let your employees know each other.

Indoor games

Arrange for any indoor game like indoor golf, using a stick and a few cups to be made as holes. Make a goalpost using a square outline of a metal and stitch a net to it. You can play soccer with it. You can also play indoor cricket and it is a lot of fun (ensure you use a ball made of cloth or soft plastic).

Go out on a vacation or picnic with your team

If your office allows this, you can go together to a picnic or far away to an exotic place for a vacation. Pool in the money required and books the hotels well in advance. Plan accordingly that everything goes right on the New Year’s day when you are going to party hard.

So, there are so many ideas for New Year’s party celebrations if you are in an office. It depends which one you choose from and which your office can permit to do. Wish you a great time and a very Happy New Year!