How to Clean Your Pizza Stone after Use?

If you have bought a pizza stone recently, you should know how to clean it up properly to extend its lifespan for years. If there is no pizza stone in your kitchen, it means it’s time to reevaluate everything. Pizza stone is not all about pizza making. It is more than that.

If you are a proud pizza stone owner, you definitely should know that your once-stunning and dazzling new clean pizza stone starts collecting the crusty bits of burnt, dark food and ominous stains after a couple of uses. Even worse, it is not easy to reverse the discoloration of pizza stone. If you are ended up with caked-up and burnt bits, here is the simple way to get them away.

Let it cool down

Normally, you may not want to suffer burning with a smoking hot pizza stone unless you want to grab a crispy crust pizza with your bare hands. Keep in mind that pizza stone absorbs tremendous amount of heat and also retains heat for a long time period. This is the special feature of this amazing tool. It is important to deliver all of the heat from the oven to your pizza dough. So, it is important to let this thing cool down for a couple of hours or, if possible, overnight. Before trying to clean it, you may want to leave it in the oven after turning it off.

Scrape dark, burnt bits away

Using a blunt table knife, a bench scraper or a metal spatula is one of the best ways to clean your pizza stone to scrape off the crusty food leftovers off. Actually, it seems too good to be true? However, using a scraper or anything like this to clean up your pizza stone can ruin its finish.

Usually made of clay or, obviously stone, pizza stones are so porous in nature. So, never, ever use any harsh chemical like soap on it. If you do it, you will end up tossing your stone instead fixing it. The taste of chemical and soap will simply linger in it for extended period of time. You may also risk adding a soapy tinge to your favorite apple pie.

Use less water

It is truly said that you shouldn’t soak the pizza stone or add any water on it. Instead, you should wipe it clean with damp towel to remove all the errands. Your pizza stone should always be bone dry within to give the crackly, bubbly texture to your crusts and dark color instead of steaming it. In case you have to use water on pizza stone, dry it out as soon as possible in the hot oven before storing it.

Bake it in empty times

If you really want to deep clean your pizza stone for any reason, you can simply put it on the oven and get the heat up to 500F for just an hour. It will simply burn off the bits of food which are stubborn and not coming off with scraping. Well, you barely need to perform this step as homemade pizza doesn’t need such kind of deep cleanup.