Different Types of Weighing Scales

There are different types of weighing scales available on the market today. Each type of weighing machine is designed to serve a specific purpose. Here is the list of common types of weighing scales available on the market right now.

  1. Spring scale
  2. Floor scale
  3. Platform scale
  4. Bench-scale

Spring scale – A spring scale is a Newton meter and it measures the weight in the unit Newton. This type of weighing scale has a structure that consists of a hook at one end and spring at another end. This weighing scale work based on the Hooke’s law.

This weighing scale is perhaps one of the oldest weighing scales that have a simple working principle. All you have to do is simply hang the scale somewhere and then pick up the item to weigh and hand on the weighing scale hook. Now, the reading could be found on the weighing scale.

Floor scale – Floor scales are those weighing scales with higher weighing capacity. It can weigh 500kg to 10,000kg. This type of weighing scales is used in big industries and they do not demand any frequent maintenance or adjustments.

The name floor scale simply denotes that this scale would be placed on the fall rather than hanging.

Platform scale – A platform scale is most commonly seen in supermarkets and small-scale industries all around the world. This type of weighing scale could be used to weight items of weight that range from 1000kg to 5000kg.

The same scale comes in both analog and digital variants. The only difference between them is that digital platform weighing scale has an extra display screen and a built-in-processor.

Bench-scale – A Bench scale is perhaps the smallest type of scale available on the market right now. This type of scale can measure weight in grams and kilograms. Bench scales are most commonly seen at jewelries and airports. A bench scale is very sensitive and has to be used at a place, which maintains the room temperature.


As mentioned above, each type of weighing scale is designed to serve a specific function. However, there basic common function is the same.