How Can It Benefit To Link Property With Aadhar

Property owned by individual plays an important role in someone life. Property owned by oneself is the matter of prestige for some and the need for life for others. The best investment is considered to be the investment of property. It is the best method to get your money invested and get profit in less time. Just a matter of fact that the prices of property get doubled in just few times and therefore one likes to invest in properties. It is the easiest and the fastest source of money making.

Nowadays fraudulent increase in the dealings of properties. People do frauds for money making and also to get the reduction in payment of tax. A person has to pay tax on the property once owned. But just to get redemption in taxes people do frauds in the dealing of properties. A person who does frauds owned a property but does not show in its legal asset. That illegal property owned by an individual is called ‘Benami property’.

Link Property With Aadhar

And nowadays the cases of ‘Benami property’ are increasing day by day. In order to get rid of this scams, the government has introduced an idea in which one has to link Aadhaar to the property. Aadhaar is a 12 digit code which is used as the proof of identification. Also, it has a biometric of the person recorded with it due to which a citizen of India has only one Aadhaar and no duplicity is there in the identification proof. See how to update:

Aadhaar is getting linked with a property of the individual in order to have a record of the property owned by the individual and to evade the frauds done in the name of ‘Benami property’. If one has linked Aadhaar with the property owned by the individual there is a record of the person  whose name a property is been this situation corruption can be decreased.