10 Best Places to Spend New Year’s Eve of 2018

New year eve is an occasion when everyone want to enjoy to the depth of their hearts. However, vacations are always incredible. Go and chill out with your friends and family to these 10 most wonderful places on the earth.

Let’s Take a look;

1. Las Vegas

Las Vegas

This is one of the best places to visit for any purpose and visiting in a New Year’s Eve means celebrations and more fun. You can party on the streets as there are no cars and no traffic only because you can enjoy. The splendid fireworks look spectacular and you can watch this great event from the roof top of the hotel that you are going to book.

2. Sydney

If you are looking to be the first one to celebrate New Year (even before your friends do), travel far to the eastern world at the Sydney Harbor. Crowded by millions of people, the fireworks are a must watch event. If you plan early, you would not be with the crowd but safe in one of the boats and view the entire event from the cruise. There are a various hotels you can book in advance- Park Hyatt, Radisson Blue Plaza, Sir Stanford etc. Enjoy your food at Prime Steak’s or China Doll restaurant. Oscillate wildly is another good place to sit down with your food and enjoy.

3. Hong Kong

The famous Victoria Harbor is the place to watch for the fireworks. Wherever you look around, you are going to see people partying hard. The best hotels include The Ritz and The Peninsula. Yan Toh Heen and Sevva are great restaurants to look out for.

4. Goa

In India, this place is ideal if you are in a mood to party. Located near the Arabian Sea, this place is beautiful with palm trees, mind-blowing beaches and lots of drinks and food. Anjuna Beach is the one to look out for where the major event is held in the New Year’s eve.  The recommended hotels are The Taj Exotica, The Leela, Goa Marriot Resort and many more. Anjuna Beach also has an awesome Sea Bar that you are going to enjoy.

5. New York

Here you can view the famous Ball Drop Event at the Times Square. Go ahead and party hard till midnight and enjoy the fireworks. The best of the views are from the hotel tops. You can look out for STK Rooftop hotel or Bryant Park Grill for exotic food.

6. Dubai

When you think of Dubai, tall buildings and a great architecture comes to your mind. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building of the world and you can enjoy your New Year’s eve here. Ensure to book your hotel tickets well in advance as this is one of the most longing to visit destination for many around the world. There are no limits to the number of hotels, the best restaurants include Armani, Reflets, Long Yin and the list is endless.

7. New Orleans

Another great place to look out in the USA, New Orleans holds a major event at the Jackson Square. Book early if you do not want to be in the crowd. Go for boat cruise , enjoy your drinks from the Mississippi river while watching the fireworks. Look out for Jackson Brewery Bar, Steamboat Natchez for drinks. Buy your tickets as soon as possible before they run out.

8. Thailand

It is a lovely country but here we are stressing on an exotic destination- Phuket. Go out at the Surin Beach for all the fun. It is the largest island in Thailand and there is a never ending list of hotels and restaurants you can book.

9. Manila

Located in Philippines, this is an amazing place and a people prefer a lot to visit here during the New Year’s eve. There is an amazing fireworks display, lots of drinks and is noisy, really noisy. There are a lots of hotels to look out for including Palm Plaza, Diamond and the Shangri La Hotel. Here people believe that by making noise, they can scare away the evil spirits and welcome the New Year. You might see folks crazily honking to enjoy.

10. Cape Town

It is located in South Africa and is a really happening place. The craziness doubles or triples in the New Year Eve party. Locals, visitors and guests go crazy for the New Year Eve party. You can have lots of wine, lots of food and more and more fun here. Book your place for the party much earlier . Look out for party places like Rezonance, Richard’s Supper Stage, Rick’s Café and many other restaurants.


So wherever you go, you are going to find a great environment that you are going to remember for a lifetime. New Year’s eve is a special occasion and we hope you enjoy it to the deepest levels of your heart.