4 Best Free Spotify Alternatives

If you are a music lover, you may definitely have come across Spotify. But the catch is that free users can listen to only 10 hours of free music and hear single tracks only 5 times a piece. Don’t want to pay for Spotify Premium or Unlimited but want similar services? Listed here are the four best alternatives.


It is possibly the closest and most prominent relative to Spotify. It is totally web-based unlike its rival. You don’t have to download any program. It shows visual ads instead of audio ones. It is a different approach by a music player for adverts.

You can easily start your search for free music and listen to pre-defined playlists that you can share or radio stations that you love. Overall music quality is good. However, the old track is not that good.

Grooveshark is basically built as file sharing platform. Hence, you can upload your personal collection or listen to uploads of other people as well. So, the selection may consist of poor tagging and annoying rips. Ever wondered why your favorite tracks sound like the band played it in a bucket? Now you know!


It is dedicated to discovering music more than listening to what you know already. The well known “Scrobbling” feature analyses your favorite songs (not only on the website, but also on mobile and desktop apps) and provides suggestions for the same kind of music it feels you would like. Most of the tracks available are only previews and radio streaming is not free in some nations.


The French music streaming site, Deezer is a brilliant app. Despite having deals in music from the likes of Rihanna and Ellie Goulding and leading record labels, it might play French rap music like the song you have selected already.

The major attraction here is its Smart Radio which learns your likes and designs the playlists for you accordingly. But it offers the music it doesn’t have actually.


Pandora Internet Radio is a music streaming service. It is also called as Pandora or Pandora Radio. You can easily access the music services either through the browser or by installing and downloading its application on your Android device or PC. You will always be able to get better quality audio. Simply choose the album, music, or playlist you love and want to listen to every time even without internet. Pandora is very simple to find the music you love.